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Vitra Kids' Chairs

$405.00 at Lumens Light & Living

Statues & Figurines Vitra 202 569 01 Miniature Taliesin West Armchair Features: -Miniature collection. -Reduced to 1:6 scale. -Des...igned to be fabricated from a single panel of 4' x 8' laminated plywood. -Utilizes multiple geometric shapes including trapezoid interior / exterior side panels. -60 degree triangular shapes for the arms and legs. Read More

$275.00 at Lumens Light & Living

Statues & Figurines Vitra 202 461 01 Miniatures - Organic Armchair by Eames & Saarinen With painstaking detail to the construction..., materials and colors, the Miniatures Collection presents this distinguished classic of modern furniture history by Eames & Saarinen, reduced in size to a 1:6 scale. Each of the models are hand made and custom built right down to the miniature screws and hand woven fabrics. Due to their precision crafting and meticulous detail, these valuable collector's items are also ideal illustrative material for universities, colleges of designs and architects. For each miniature there is a license agreement with the designer or his or her heirs. Many designers collaborate with Vitra to develop the miniatures of their own designs and offer their assistance by supplying information on the objects. Designed by: Eames & Saarinen, 1940 Features: -Organic Chair was made as a contribution to the New York MoMA's ?Organic Design in Home Furnishings competition -Reduced to 1:6 scale -Miniatures correspond in great detail to the originals -Ideal illustrative material for instructors, designers, and architects -Overall Dimensions: 6 H x 5 W x 4 D Design: -Design is the process by which almost all objects in Vitra's surroundings are instilled with a specific design and function - from cars to paper clips, from clothing to chairs. And design does not just mean giving things a shape. Design creates the basis which enables things to function in the desired manner. It... Read More

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