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Kids' Talking Clocks

Melissa & Doug
$14.99 at Target

Perfect for kids who are ready to learn to tell time, this learning clock features hands that rotate with a gentle click, marking the minutes as they go. The detailed clock face has large red numbers to match the hour hand, small blue numbers to match the minute hand, and a segmented color disk to help kids visualize quarter past and half past. Also included are 13 double-sided time cards for practice: Place one in the holder at the top of the clock, then match the numeric or analog time shown by moving the clock hands to their proper position. Slide open the digital clock window to check the answer! Then place the cards back in the storage slot at the back of the clock for neat and tidy storage. Extension Activities: More Ways to Play and Learn: BEGINNER: With the child, count the red hour numbers around the outside of the clock. Then move just the hour hand around the clock face, stopping at each number to ask, What time is it now? -With the child, count (by 5s) the blue minute numbers around the outside of the clock. Then move just the blue minute hand and ask the child to tell you what minute number it is pointing to. -Use the hands together to put together simple times. At the beginning, focus on one hour at a time. (For instance, you could demonstrate 1:00, 1:15, 1:30, 1:45, then 2:00, 2:15, and so on.) As the child gains confidence, move both hands with every turn to increase the challenge. INTERMEDIATE: Ask the child to count all the minutes on the clock, 1-60. Then challenge the child to count a range of numbers that you indicate. (For instance, counting 40-45 would go 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45.) -Close the preview window, then place one of the time cards in the slot at the top of the clock so the digital format is showing. Ask the child to match the time shown using the clock hands. Then open the preview window to check the answer! -Spread out all the time cards on a flat surface, with the digital format facing upward. Ask the child to place them in order from earliest to latest. Repeat the activity with the analog side, or increase the challenge even more by mixing the formats together. ADVANCED: Challenge the child to approximate a real clock more precisely by positioning the hour hand partway between two numbers. -Choose two of the time cards and give them to the child. Ask the child to use the clock to figure out the time difference between the two. -Talk about the child's usual daily routine, using real-life ideas to relate to the clock. For instance, you could say, At 8:05 in the morning, we put away our breakfast dishes and get ready to leave. Can you show me 8:05 on the clock? Add to the challenge by asking the child to recall the set times of recurring events, such as dinner or bedtime. Dimensions: 9.5 x 9.5 x 3.5 Melissa and Doug products were the first products we brought into our retail store when we first opened in 2006. They are one of our favorite companies to work with and not only do they make great quality products but they stand behind them. If you have a problem you simply call them and they will ship you a replacement no questions asked! They are one of the few big companies who when you call you get a live person and not a recording! They treat their customers with respect which is exactly how we want our customers to be treated. This item ships directly from the Melissa and Doug warehouses in either New Jersey or California normally within 2 business days after the order is placed. If you are needing this for a specific date such as a birthday please indicate this in the comments section during checkout. Our mission at Jacobs Room is to make children smile not disappoint them! Read More

OK Casting
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Shop for Alarm Clocks from! Talks about hunting thinks about hunting always wishes he were hunting you know the type... ... give the gift of in-home gaming with the Elk Clock with Ivory Face and you'll satisfy your favorite outdoorsman even in the off season. Hand-crafted of beautiful resin this handsome timepiece sports a warm brushed-wood finish that's perfect for decorating deskops. The beautiful carvings feature a pair of majestic elk at the top intricate leaves and ferns and a mother fox with her young kits. An elegant ivory face balances the natural look and feel of this gorgeous clock. So bring the great outdoors inside and onto your favorite outdoorsman's desktop.About OK Casting LLCSince 1993 OK Casting has been serving the home gift and private artist market with memorable home decorative accessories. Hand-made and manufactured in the United States OK Casting's products are created from the finest and most durable resins. Whether for their lamps wall decor bookends or statutes O Read More

Barnes & Noble
$42.95 at Barnes & Noble

Teach Me Time is an adorable, talking bedside alarm clock, time-teaching tool, and nightlight all in one. This interactive product... grows with your child and may help ease you into your morning as well! Teach Me Time! glows a soft yellow as your little ones fall asleep and then turns green in the morning (at a time you specify) when it s "OK to Wake!" Kids take pride in waiting for the green light before they come visit you in the bedroom with the knowledge of a job well-done. Three LCD display modes (analog clock, digital clock or both) allow parents to select the display type best suited for their child. An interactive, talking time-teaching game is designed to be played with your child in the evening before bed or any time at all. The difficulty level is adjustable as appropriate. Older children will love hitting snooze on their own alarm clock just like mom s and dad s. The Teach Me Time s kid-friendly shape has fun and easy to press "toe" buttons. Other controls for the parent are cleverly concealed behind a rear panel. Included blue, pink, and yellow bezels match any room décor. 2 AAA batteries are not included. For ages 3 and up. Read More

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