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Comfort Research Kids' Theme Bedding

Comfort Research
$39.99-$69.99 at Amazon

Hey there sports fans, whether you're chilling in front of the TV or going tailgating the Small Sports Ball Bean Bag makes a great... companion. There are four sport-themed bean bags in this collection. Pick 'em all and have a chair for every event! Pop a squat on thousands of comfy, supportive UltimaX beans covered in SmartMax fabric. This material is highly durable and won't tear, but more importantly, you won't have to worry about water damage or stains. So, if you're looking for a place to sit and eat drippy nachos in your man-cave then by all means, party on. Available styles are: baseball, basketball, American football, and soccer. About Comfort ResearchTen years ago Comfort Research created the Fuf chair, an innovative update on the classic bean back chair made of patented Fuf foam. This special blend of foam never goes flat for long-lasting comfort. Based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Comfort Research has recently developed several new lines of creative, inventive chairs. They have addressed the needs of eco-friendly consumers by creating incredibly comfortable ''green'' chairs; one style is made with buckwheat filling and organic cotton, the other uses recycled polystyrene filling and a special fabric made of recycled pop bottles. No matter which style or shape of chair you choose, you can be sure that your Comfort Research product will look great and stay comfortable for years to come. Filled with comfy and supportive UltimaX Beans. Covered in highly durable, super soft SmartMax fabric. Available in the shape of your favorite sports balls. Baseball, basketball, football, and soccer-ball style. Dimensions: 19L x 19W x 19H. Read More

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