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Prince Lionheart Bathtubs

Prince Lionheart
$37.99 $39.99 at Target

There are certain products that you can never find enough space for. There are shoe collections, Tupperware piles, and of course t...hat infant bathtub. Well, we can't tell you how to stash away all the heels you own, but we do have a more convenient way to bathe your child and it's called the Flexibath . This innovative bathtub lets you comfortably bathe your child, then drain and collapse the tub flat. The Flexibath Tub by A Real Cool World is exclusively made in Denmark where it was created in 2006 by a team of entrepreneurial parents. This group used their experiences as parents as well as professionals to launch this ingenius bathtub design - one that's ideal for tight apartment living. You can even use it until your child is four years old! The Danish Flexibath is a plastic tub that's child-safe and foldable. To achieve a better construction, the tub is made with non-toxic polypropylene and TPE (thermoplastic elastromeric). Read More

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