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Melissa & Doug Bath Toys

Melissa & Doug
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Swimming is an important skill, and many European kids receive mandatory lessons at school - it's part of the curriculum for fifth... grade in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Finland, and in the Netherlands and Belgium, swimming lessons are so ingrained in educational culture that there's even a swimming style called the school-stroke. Here in the US, kids mostly learn in independent lessons and backyard pools, and as you know, kids are best at picking up new skills while they're having fun! The Melissa & Doug Spark Shark Fish Hunt set adds a fun new challenge to swimming for your little guppies in the pool: swimmers use the play shark nets to collect fishy sinkers. Kids can race against each other, time themselves collecting fish, try some of the suggested pool games that come with the set, or, best of all, exercise their creativity by creating their own games. Read More

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