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The KidCo bath Storage Basket makes bath time fun and keeps baby s toys and bath care items organized. Adjustable length 2 Comes w...ith dividers 3 Strainer bottom design so water drains out 4 Perfect for bath time! Read More

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Electrical outlets seem to have an almost magnetic attraction for little ones. You don't want to stifle their exploration instinct...s, but you do want to keep them safe. The Kidco outlet cover gives you the peace of mind you need. Kidco's Universal Outlet Cover automatically covers the outlet when an appliance is unplugged so little fingers can't get in. Also prevents drafts, saving you a little bit on your energy bill each month. Read More

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Automatically Covers Outlet Universal Fits both standard and Decora outlets 3 Pack

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1-2-3 BabySteps Features Include: Locking lids seal food tightly inside Each section is a single, 2 oz. serving Writing surface fo...r date and meal prepared Section size matches BabySteps Feeding Dish sections for easy transfer Dishwasher Safe A Handbook to Preparing Healthy Baby Food Thisguide will walk you through the BabySteps system, providing direction in the preparation, storage and feeding of the most beneficial food for your baby. In this book, you will find age appropriate foods and serving sizes, sample recipes and helpful information regarding cooking methods, fresh food selection and much more. BabySteps is a comprehensive system to making fresh, healthy baby food. It combines a guide and the kitchen tools necessary to create a foundation for long term, healthy eating habits. kid Read More

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