Kid Motorz Kid Motorz Mercedes G55 12V Silver

The officially licensed kid?s battery operated version of the Mercedes Benz G55 AMG. The ultimate luxury SUV on the road, a ride-on version of the former military off-road vehicle turned luxury SUV. The SUV's 12-volt battery propels two pas...sengers at a cruising speed of up to 5 mph when the gas pedal is pressed; releasing the pedal brings the car to a smooth stop. Its deep treaded plastic wheels with chrome hubcaps roll smoothly over paved surfaces. The car's interior keeps young drivers entertained with eight interactive buttons that play different authentic SUV sound effects when pressed. The vehicle has a real working FM radio and horn. It also has an MP3 outlet for the young rider to play music from any MP3 and/or iPod. It also includes and a cup holder, real side mirrors, decorative headlights and windshield wipers, and the iconic Mercedes logo add realistic detail to the exterior. The "spare tire" is actually a concealed cargo area. The vehicle runs for up to one hour on a full charge. Read More

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