Karin Herzog Karin Herzog Tonus B12-5.1 oz.

? Imported- Switzerland Karin Herzog Tonus B12-5.1 oz. A unique firming and draining body cream formulated within a nourishing base of indulgent sesame, avocado, jojoba and jasmine oils. High concentrations of vitamin B12 and green tea prov...ide an additional energy boost while aiding the body's natural metabolic function to break down fatty deposits, increase nutrient absorption and tone the skin. Tonus B12 synergistically supports Silhouette to form our groundbreaking slimming and toning line - the Dynamic Duo. Its potent cocktail of vitamin B12 and organic green tea works to disperse cellulite broken down by Silhouette and inhibits its future formation. SKIN TYPE All, particularly those prone to cellulite and localized areas of fatty deposits. PRO TIP For optimal slimming and firming results, massage in after applying Silhouette. Can also be used as a normal body cream due to its hydrating properties. Read More

Karin Herzog
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"Dr. Herzog's patented active oxygen and vitamin A anti-aging formula is combined with apricot oil to drive a powerful combination... of essential nutrients to energise the collagen producing cells in the deep layers of the skin. 1% active oxygen and vitamins A and E helps to normalize and detoxify the skin while diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Deeply nourishing, apricot oil provides profound hydration to repair and heal dry, dehydrated and mature skin. SKIN TYPE Mature, aging, dry and dehydrated skin. BENEFITS Rich in vitamins and essential nutrients, to deeply nourish and repair dehydrated and mature skin. Combination of oxygen and vitamin A helps to fight the signs of aging." Read More

Karin Herzog
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A potent and lifting anti-aging serum, formulated with hyaluronic acid, which helps to increase the water content in the skin and ...boost collagen production. This powerful serum works to even skin tone, improve elasticity, promote firmness and boost radiance; providing an effective alternative to injectable fillers. Available in two formulations; EandR Force 4 targets normal and combination skin. SKIN TYPE Normal and combination skin showing signs of aging. PRO TIP Use in prior to a Karin Herzog oxygen product such as Vita-A-Kombi or Essential Mask to help propel EandR into the deepest layers of the skin where it can have the best effect. Read More

Karin Herzog
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Enrich and Nourish This dual action oil contains our Vita A Kombi formula and Vitamins A and E. This unique light and advanced oil... contains concentrated vitamins and minerals. This oil allows you to deliver essential vitamins exactly where you want them on targeted areas, ensuring advanced results. Additionally, this oil has a calming, soothing and softening effect on dry, flaky or traumatized damaged skin. Applied underneath the Vita-A-Kombi formulas to ensure the deep transportation of the raw vitamins, this oil has therapeutic and healing qualities that shine through skin looks radiant, luminous and toned. .42 oz. Read More

Karin Herzog
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Tone and Tan is a version of Tonus B12 (our KH draining and toning body cream) with a self-tanning ! Tone and Tan benefits from ...the latest researches on the self-tanning: the ingredients, which have a high compatibility with the skin, make this cream merging into the epidermis. The self-tanning molecules spread like this in a more regular manner and confer a especially uniform suntan. Tone and Tan is not charged with needless chemistry: it's why, acting more regularly but less immediate, the conferred suntan is more natural and not with an orange colors ! The preservative formulas are the smoothest ones and don't contain parabens. All the eyes and skin irritation tests, as well as the non-phototoxicity test, have been done with success and guarantee the harmlessness of this fabulous draining, toning and self-tanning cream. Black tube 150 ml Read More

Karin Herzog
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From the makers of the famous Karin Herzog Oxygen facial products, a unique preservative-free cleansing cream so gentle and effect...ive that it is suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive, without drying or irritation. Excellent for removing makeup even around the eyes. Although it may seem a bit heavy, it will break down excess oils on your skin better than any other cleanser you will ever use. You need to use only a small amount, (about the size of a pea), and rinse with warm water and a washcloth. New Packaging! It says Professional Cleansing Gel, but it is the same product as before. 1.76 oz. Read More

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You have always wanted a natural sun protection product without chemical screens, but you don't want sticky and you don't want 'wh...ite.' It is for exactly these reasons that Snowberry has created Active Outdoor SPF30.The Active Outdoor SPF30 is a 100% natural broad spectrum sun protection product ideal for use during prolonged and intense sun exposure. It is the perfect complement to the gentle Snowberry Everyday SPF15, which is designed for lower sun exposure, all year. Like the Everyday SPF15, the Active Outdoor SPF30 is completely natural, but unlike most natural sunscreens, feels so much lighter and does not whiten the skin.Snowberry sunscreens are certified broad spectrum protection, which means they protect against both UVB and UVA light. The SPF30 means protection against UVB (the rays that cause sunburn) for 30x the burn time if a sun product was not applied. Read More

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Supergoop! SPF50 Antioxident-Infused Sunscreen is an antioxidant-rich sunscreen cream that protects against UV rays. This sunscree...n is formulated to guar your face from harmful UVA and UVB rays with this sunscreen cream, featuring the super antioxidant, anti-inflammatory olive oil polyphenols combined with pomegranate and green tea extracts, infused into a hypoallergenic mineral SPF that will not irritate the skin. Read More

Erno Laszlo
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Specialists by Erno Laszlo Face Moisturizer 1.7 oz Active Phelityl Intensive Cream

Erno Laszlo
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Quench your thirsty skin with a deep-hydrating booster to refresh, plump and soften Sodium Hyaluronate acts like a molecular hydro...sponge to retain and draw moisture deeply into the skin Glycerin, Panthenol and Allantoin stimulate renewal, restore elasticity and smooth fine lines Ideal for airplane and travel use Hydra Therapy Skin Revitalizer Read More

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Auto-Radiant Tinted Serum Hydra-BronzingNatural Tan Activator and ExtenderLumi-Smoothing Correction Youth Multi-Protection Already... a cult product in its new tube, this bronzer with a serum texture boosts its performance and effectiveness. After the first application, the face lights up with amber radiance and Soleil Terrybly deeply stimulates melanin for a true progressive and lasting tan without chemical self-tanning molecules. The Soft-Focus agents Spectro Light eradicates dullness and reveals the most luminous golden glow. For a progressive and long-lasting tan: Biotanningandreg; activates the synthesis of melanin. andlt;span style=font-style: Italic;font-weight: normal;andq Read More

Rodial Skincare
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Rodial Brazilian Tan Light gives you an instant rich glow that develops into a natural golden tan in 4 hours. Its lightweight form...ula dries quickly and evenly without blocking pores. Brazilian Tan, Light Read More

Rodial Skincare
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Rodial Brazilian Tan Airbrush is a revolutionary fine tinted mist that gives an immediate instant glow and develops into an even, ...long lasting golden tan. With 360 airbrush technology for exceptional all over coverage and ease of use. Brazilian Tan Airbrush Read More

Erno Laszlo
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Rich, reparative moisturizer boosts skin health by promoting rapid healing, promotes collagen production for greater smoothness/el...asticity and restores the skin's moisture barrier to stimulate skin cell renewal. Made in USA. 1.7 oz. - Color: No Color Read More

Erno Laszlo
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Visibly firm, tone and clarify your complexion while skin is resting. Replenish with nutrients and boost your skin s immunity and ...overall resiliency with a lightweight overnight moisturizer. Spirulina Maxima, Pullulan and Algae Extract feed collagen growth and revitalize the skin s natural firmness and elasticity. Mineral-rich Maris Water detoxifies and boosts skin renewal. Aloe extract, Sodium Hyaluroante, Magnesium and Zinc gently hydrate. Firmarine Night Gel Read More

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