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Kaiyodo Toys & Games

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From Kaiyodo. The fan-favorite assassin from the Metal Gear franchise stands 4-1/2" tall with 16 points of articulation, three int...erchangeable hands, a sword, a laser gun and a display base!. Read More

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From Kaiyodo. From master sculptor Matsumura Shinobu comes an exciting new version of everyone's favorite thunder lizard standing ...more than 7-1/2" tall with a new head sculpt, 16 points of articulation with 12 revolver joints (4 10mm,6 8mm joint and 2 6mm), 2 optional legs and a decorated display stand with nameplate! Read More

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From Kaiyodo. This detailed figure of the video game hero packs all of his power into a figure standing just over 4" tall. With 16... points of articulation, interchangeable hand parts, accessories (including a handgun, assault rifle, binoculars, holster and an anti-personnel land mine), and a display base!. Read More

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From Kaiyodo! Based on Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises, the Sci-Fi Revoltech #047 recreates the camouflaged Tumbler used... by Bane's army to terrorize Gotham City. Operating from within the sewers, Bane succeeds in tunneling through to Batman's arsenal of weapons and vehicles. He commandeers several camouflage versions of the tumbler, using the vehicles to strengthen his League of Shadow thugs. When Gotham's remaining police force finally mobilizes in the hopes of overwhelming the fewer-number thugs, Bane unleashes a handful of Tumbler which open fire on the police. The Tumbler measures 5 1/2" long and includes a Batman figure, flame exhaust, clear V stand and nameplate. Read More

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From Kaiyodo.The "Definitive Edition" of the legendary EVAs is here! This 5-1/2" tall reproduction of the classic mecha from Rebui...ld of Evangelion has been crafted with a special "skin" that conceals the joints without compromising pose ability, and is reproduced with phosphorescent paint and LED accents. In addition to 22 points of articulation, the figure also comes with a pallet gun, a progressive knife, an umbilical cable, an optional head, 12 optional hands, a transparent display stand and more. Read More

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From Kaiyodo. This reproduction of the powerful EVA stands just over 5" tall and features foldable wings, a double-edged sword, an...d the Spear of Longinus. Plus, the figure comes with 2 optional heads, 2 damage parts, 4 optional hands, a dummy plug, a Revo Container and a display stand. Read More

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From Kaiyodo. Assemble Borg - Nexus is an action figure series created by Toy Tribe, led by Nightow Yasuhiro (manga artist of Trig...un). All characters in the line are originally designed for this series. All the body parts are connected by a Revolver Joint, which has unified shafts of 3 mm in diameter, which allows you to assemble all the parts freely and create your own original characters! Read More

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