Kaboost Portable Chair Booster - Green

The Kaboost chair booster is a simple, portable, and extremely innovative solution to the high chair challenge. A child who is mature enough, but not tall enough, to eat at the table with the rest of the family simply needs a bit of a lift.... Kaboost is a one-of-a-kind portable chair booster that raises most 4-legged chairs so that your 20 month to 6-year-old child can sit and enjoy mealtimes at the table. Sometimes the simplest needs inspire elegant solutions, and the innovative Kaboost chair booster is truly elegant. Kaboost's spring loaded arms, rubberized grips, and collapsible design make it safe, secure, and portable. Kaboost stays attached even while the chair is moved. What Kaboost can do better than any booster seat or stack of books is to lift the entire chair, safely bringing your child up to the table for meals. Kaboost has a choice of two height positions (4.5" and 3.75" - same as standard booster seats), allowing your child to grow with it. In addition to raising the chair itself, Kaboost's wide base actually enhances the chair's stability. In fact, a chair with Kaboost is actually more stable than the same chair without Kaboost. It's rubberized feet prevent slippage and won't damage floors. In your kitchen, dining room, or out at a restaurant, Kaboost provides a raised perspective during mealtimes that can feed a child's confidence, thanks to a closer connection with family and friends. No more off-to-the-side highchairs with filthy feeding trays, or bulky booster seats that take up too much space, Kaboost is right there when you need it and easily stored when you don't. Read More

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