Iwata Iwata-Medea Artool Freehand Airbrush Templates, Kanji Master Mini Series

For centuries artistic images from the Far East have influenced fellow artists all over the world. There are many different styles, from ancient traditional temple art to trendy tattoo designs, including images of the past, from story telli...ng to creatures and icons from Japan's rich and fabled history. Many of these images from Asian cultures are now viewed in museums, galleries, tattoo shops and on kustom painted bikes and cars. Dennis Mathewson takes great pride in sharing his travels to the East with the Kanji Master Artool Freehand Airbrush Template Series Read More

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These totem style tikis have been seen in Hawaii for decades filling walls in tiki bars and restaurants. Use them in different com...binations to make your artwork look like a Polynesian tiki hut in a tropical setting. Read More

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Craig Fraser's FX3 line of kustom Artool Freehand Templates are hand drawn to insure the best designs and most original concepts. ...The Musika FX3 Template was inspired by Eine Kleine Nacht Musik and is a killer for musicphiles! Read More

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On this Kona Tiki template, the largest tiki portrays the "Kona style." The side patterns give you the ability to create tribal ba...nds or backgrounds. Dark base colors can work very well with these tribal bands. Read More

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This vintage style 60's surf tiki gives room to decorate your surf buggy or just give a style to other groovy graphics.

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The Kustom FX 3 Freehand Airbrush Template Series includes more great designs from the mind of Craig Fraser. These templates fetau...re the same laser-cut precision and solvent-proof material that artists have come to expect from Artool. Read More

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Craig Fraser's FX3 line of kustom Artool Freehand Templates are hand drawn to insure the best designs and most original concepts. ...The Barby FX3 Template features the sharp edge look of barbed wire. Tight wrap, traditional western, or penal colony icons and art. Read More

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The BoneHeadz Artool Templates are designed by Mike Lavallee and are solvent proof and made in the USA. The Cranium template set c...ontains one design in 4 sizes: small 6 x 4.75 inches, medium 8 x 6.25 inches, large 10.5 x 8.25 inches, and x-large 13.25 x 10.5 inches. The Cranium template shows seven skulls in various angles. Read More

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1 Template Design: FH-TM1 TRIBAL TIKI from Dennis Mathewson's 6 Template Design Series called Dennis Mathewson's Tiki Master;Triba...l TikiThis template is designed to use as a connect-the-puzzle full-standing tiki. It works well on a background of any color. Added tribal patterns can help to frame your tiki or add a background pattern. With some fire and burning eyes, you'll be ready for tribal counsel! Tiki mania! The art of woodcarving has existed in Polynesia for centuries. As in other mythological religions, the ancient Polynesians believed that different elements were represented by different gods. These carvings, or tikis as we know them, resulted in thousands of different images.When westerners arrived in Polynesia to spread their religious beliefs, and to put a halt to any pagan worship, many tikis were destroyed as well as lost to termites and the elements. Only a few originals remain today.The surfing rage of the 1960's brought the tiki back into popularity with their images portrayed on surfboards, clothing and fashioned jewelry. Tiki bars sprung up from Miami's Don the Beachcomber to California and Waikiki.Today, since retro is kewl again, our Custom Kulture has brought tikis back to be lighthearted and fun like the 60's. But the truth is, they never really left Hawaii!Dennis Mathewson, of Honolulu, is an avid tiki carver. When he's not airbrushing, pinstriping or writing articles for various publications, he's traveling and instructing at custom painting workshops. Dennis' love for tikis is shown here and shared with you in his latest creation, the Tiki Master Freehand Airbrush Template Series from Artool.These ARTOOL Brand Freehand Airbrush Templates are real assets to anyone who uses an air brush. These SOLVENTPROOF Reusable Templates can be easily flexed or curved around irregular shaped surfaces, (e.g. Fenders, Motorcycle Tanks, Helmets, Etc.) and cleaned with solvents without being damaged! These are the type of Stencils that the Legendary Custom Graphics painters like Craig Fraser and Jon Kosmoski use with all the exotic HOK-House of Kolor custom graphics coatings! The Complete Set of 6 Template Designs in the CUSTOM TIKI MASTER Series includes: IWA FH-TM1 Tribal Tiki, IWA FH-TM2 Kona Tiki, IWA FH-TM3 Tiki Trouble, IWA FH-TM4 Tiki Bar, IWA FH-TM5 Totem Tiki, IWA FH-TM6 Aloha Spirit, IWA FH-TM7 The Complete Tiki Master Set of 6 Stencils (1-6) Read More

Old School Flake
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Introducing the NEW Mini Flake Buster. What is the Flake Buster? It's a Patented innovative method to apply metal flake. Instead o...f the conventional method of mixing the flakes in a liquid vehicle such as clear coat, it is actually blown onto the wet clear in a dry form, this gives the user much more control over the flakes being applied. Airbrushes not included. Jars are not included. Made Specifically to fit the Master Airbrush S62. Features and Benefits: Worlds only dry metalflake gun specifically for use with an airbrush. Uses Patented Method and Design. CNC Billet Aluminum sprayer. Works with siphon or gravity fed airbrushes and won't harm the surface. Spray pearls and special effect pigments DRY! Change pearls and flakes without solvent rinse. Sprays powder size material up to .040 larger than Bass Boat! Save un-sprayed material instead of dumping it. Save $$ on solvent and clears. Perfect for R/C, model, craft, make-up artists, automotive, etc... Mini Insert to fit Master Airbrush S62 Only Read More

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