Iwata Artool Freehand Airbrush Templates, Horror Of Skullmaster Mini

Anest Iwata have created, with the help of many professional artists, a large and varied selection of airbrush templates. These templates help reduce the need for masking and come in many useful 'popular' designs and shapes. Not only did we... give you a more anatomically correct series of Calaveras, but you'll also get both the positive and negative skull templates as well as registration holes in each corner for perfect alignment. Used in conjunction, the Horror of Skullmaster will ensure the best-looking skulls you have ever done, and the freedom to finish them off in your own style. Featuring the Dead-on gaze of Heads Up (SK21), a 3/4 view (SK22) and a classic profile shot with movable jawline (SK23). Designed by Craig Fraser. Solventproof. Read More

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