IronMagLabs Halo for Her by IronMagLabs

Halo for Her is no longer sold. Check out Halo Extreme by IronMagLabs. Halo for Her by IronMagLabs 90caps Are you looking for a prohormone supplement that is safe for women? Halo for Her by IronMagLabs was created for you. This product deli...vers hard lean gains. Benefits: -Lean muscle gains -Harder Muscles -More Cut look -Increase in Strength -Does not convert to Estrogen (Aromatize) Halo for Her is perfect for a womens muscle building needs. We recommend on cycle support with this product such as ProteX by Vital Labs or Cycle Assist by CEL. Following the use of Halo for Her user must do proper Post Cycle Therapy (PCT). Read More

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