Huggies Huggies Pull-Ups Night Time Training Pants for Boys, Biggie Pack, 3T-4T, 46 ea 1 pack

Fits Boys 3T ? 4T (32 ? 40 lbs)Underwear-Like Waistband Helps Your Child Learn How to Pull Them On and Off Like Regular Underwear As Absorbent as the Leading Diaper* Protection Where Boys Need It Most for Maximum Absorbency Easy-Open Sides ...for Quick Potty Check Glow in the Dark Designs These training pants offer extra absorbency, giving you the confidence to stay consistent through the night. Stretchy sides allow kids to pull them on and off. Glow in the dark designs featuring Disney characters help make training pants seem like Big Kid underwear. 1-800-990-4448 Made in the USA *Leading Size 4 diaper. Read More

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