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Count on Sports - Spanish Learn Spanish with Sports and Sesame characters. Hello, there, sports fans! Its time for ESSN -- Ernies Sports Show News! This math-tastic DVD is full of numbers and shapes, plus critical math concepts such as over.../under and forward/backwards. All your favorite Sesame Street friends are on the top of their game. Join the Count as he plays golf and races a car in the Transylvania 300. Prairie Dawn shows off her soccer skills and then joins Dominique Dawes for a little gymnastics. If you love basketball, dont miss Grover and Vince Carter of the New Jersey Nets explaining short and tall. And who but Elmo could beat Venus Williams at a game of imaginary tennis? So join the Sesame Street team for lots of sports fun in Count on Sports in Spanish! Run Time: 44 minutes ? Imported Read More

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