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Cranium Game Show off your talents and win the game of Cranium. Use your humming, drawing, sculpting or impersonating skills to win. This version of the Cranium game includes 400 of the best mind (and body.)-bending challenges over the year...s. Take on another team head-to-head for faster gameplay. Spell, puzzle, act, hum, or just guess your way to victory within 4 categories. Its outrageous fun for everyone. The first team to reach the Cranium Central space and complete one last challenge wins. Hasbro and all related terms are trademarks of Hasbro. ?Classic Cranium game lets you act, sing, draw or other creative tasks to win points ?400 challenges in 4 categories: Star Performer, Word Worm, Data Head and Creative Cat ?Keep advancing around the board by successfully completing challenges ?Includes gameboard, 200 Cranium Cards, 10-sided die, tub of Cranium Clay, 1-minute timer, 2 movers, notepad, and game guide Recommended Ages:15 and up Dimensions: 2.01in length x 7.87in width x 10.51in height Weight: 1.34lb Read More

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