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Hans J. Axthelm founded Hansa Toy International in 1972. Hansa produces "toys that educate the heart" -- large plush animals such as bears, kangaroos, rabbits, and lions -- in an effort to inspire kids' love for wildlife and teach them about the threat of endangered animals disap ... Read More pearing forever. If kids learn the love animals, Hansa believes, they'll join the effort to save them from extinction. The company is endorsed by a number of conservation groups, including the Wild Life Trust of India and the Wild Life Club of Kenya. Hansa sells its plus toys in collections representing different regions of the world: Australiana, Americas, Africana, Arctic, Asiatic, Aviary, European, Farm & Domestic, Aquatic, Extinct & Fantasy, and more. Hansa's Giant Panda is a black-and-white giant panda made of soft material kids will love to cuddle with. The Large Giraffe has handcrafted eyelashes and antlers that give a lifelike look to the creature. Hansa's Woodland collection of North American animals includes a standing deer, a brown owl, a beaver, a baby rabbit, a skunk, and a brown owl.
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Hansa Toy International
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Pampanga, Philippines C-2010 
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