Hamilton Beach Hamilton Beach TrueAir Fresh Essentials Odor Eliminator 1 ea

Freshens the Air Blends into Your Decor Quiet Fan and Carbon Filter Trap and Eliminate Odors with Proven Technology Scent Cartridge Fills the Air with a Fresh Scent Natural Design Blends Into Your Decor Contains: 1 Odor Eliminator Appliance... 1 Carbon Filter 2 Scent Cartridges Fills the Air with Freshness Traps and Eliminates Odors Quiet electric fan sends odors through a carbon filter, then sends fresh-smelling air back into the room. Fills the Air with a Fresh Scent Each Green Meadow? scent cartridge adds a fresh scent for up to 30 days and is easily removable for unscented operation. Blends Into Your Decor It looks like a healthy plant in a decorative pot, but it's an odor eliminator in disguise. Questions? USA 1-800-851-8900 Made in China Read More

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