Great Planes Great Planes Yak 55M 50-55cc Sport/3D ARF

This is the radio controlled, gasoline powered, almost ready to fly Performance Series Yak 55M Sport/3D Airplane from Great Planes. For experienced modelers. IMMA and IMAC Legal.

Great Planes
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GREAT PLANES GREAT PLANES Wing Joiner Tube Yak 55M 50cc ARF GPMA4061

Great Planes
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Unknown Great Planes Steel 2-56 Clevis (Set of 12)

Great Planes
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The Pro CA Glues are clog-resistant with extra-long applicator tips to easily reach into tight spots. Easy to squeeze bottles aid applying just the rightamount of glue-for easier sanding and less mess. All Great Planes CA glues have a satisfaction guarantee, best if used by date and are clear. Wicks quickly for instant bonds on tight-fitting parts, tacking and CA hinges. Not safe for foam. For foam applications use epoxy or foam-safe CA. INCLUDES: One Pro CA Glue 2oz Thin COMMENTS: Thin is instant setting: CA Thick is gap filling: CA+ Extra Thick is gap filling: CA- Replacement tip (cap), use GPMR6029. Available in 1/2, 1, 2, and 4 ounce sizes as follows: GPMR6001 CA (1/2oz) GPMR6007 CA+ (1/2oz) GPMR6013 CA- (1/2oz) GPMR6002 CA (1oz) GPMR6008 CA+ (1oz) GPMR6014 CA- (1oz) GPMR6003 CA (2oz) GPMR6009 CA+ (2oz) GPMR6015 CA- (2oz) GPMR6004 CA (4oz) GPMR6010 CA+ (4oz) GPMR6020 CA Gel (1oz) COMMENTS: Best If Used By date on bottom of bottle Read More

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This is the Great Planes ElectriFly Equinox LiPo Balancer. For LiPo (Lithium Polymer) battery packs with 2 to 5 cells, assembled I...N SERIES and wired for Balancing. NOT Compatible with LiPo packs having a 2-pin Charge lead. FEATURES: Regulates voltages of all cells in a Lithium Polymer pack to very tight tolerances during Charge and Discharge functions and provides a safe Charging and Discharging platform which is critical when handling LiPo batteries Eight status LEDs and pushbutton control Gold plated banana plugs on input for easy connection to Charger/ Discharger Automatically checks for poor quality cells Maximum current handling capacity is 3A (current of up to 6A maximum is possible by using high-power adapters available separately, such as GPMM3163). 1-year limited warranty Unlike some Balancers, Equinox has two separate functions: QUICK-BALANCE MODE: applies a small Discharge current to gently Balance voltages of all cells in a LiPo pack. INTERFACE MODE: allows the Equinox to be used with a separate Charger or Discharger whereby it will monitor and control how each cell in the LiPo pack is Charged or Discharged. Bal Read More

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This is a pair of Great Planes ElectriFly PowerFlow Slo-Flyer / 9x6 Propellers. / / FEATURES: Constructed of plastic, Black in col...or / Blade ends are turned back to reduce drag and increase thrust by / improving the blade lift over drag curve / / INCLUDES: Two Great Planes ElectriFly PowerFlow 9x6 Propellers with / warning sheet / / SPECS: Length: 9 (228.6mm) / Pitch: 6 / Hole Diameter: 15/16 (6mm) / / REQUIRES: Installing on motor shaft Read More

Great Planes
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This is the Great Planes Pro CA Aerosol Activator. Compatible with most foams. For thick and medium CA that doesn't cure as fast a...s the instant. All you have to do is apply the CA then spray the Activator on the CA and it cures almost instantly. Another way is to first apply the activator to a piece of balsa you want to join to another piece, then add CA to the other piece. When you put them together, you have an instant glue joint. To use just hold the bottle 4-6 away from area your target and spray a mist over it and it's done. INCLUDES: One 4oz Can of Aerosol Activator Spray One red tube used for more accurate spraying COMMENTS: CAUTION, Always spray on a test spot first, and ALWAYS wear safety glasses. 7-29-98 jakir/jlupdt jxs 3/38/06? BOX DIMENSIONS: 2.25 W. X 2.25 H. X 5.50 L. BOX WEIGHT: .42 LBS. Read More

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The Pro CA Glues are clog-resistant with extra-long applicator tips to easily / reach into tight spots. Easy to squeeze bottles ai...d in applying just the right / amount of glue-for easier sanding and less mess. All Great Planes CA glues / have a satisfaction guarantee, best if used by date and are clear. / Wicks quickly for instant bonds on tight-fitting parts, tacking and CA hinges. / / Not safe for foam. For foam applications use epoxy or foam-safe CA. / / INCLUDES: One Pro CA- Glue 2oz Thick Read More

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This is a Great Planes ElectriFly Super Sportster Receiver-Ready EP Sport Plane. With foam construction and a brushless power syst...em already in place, this park-friendly, Receiver-Ready version of the Super Sportster makes getting to the flight line even easier. Read More

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This is the Radio Controlled, Glow Powered, Wood and Foam / Almost Ready-to-Fly Great Planes Viper 500 Sport Model Airplane Kit in... Red / AMA-legal for Quickie 500 racing in 424 and 428 classes. / For Intermediate to Advanced Modeler/Fliers. / / FEATURES: Construction: Balsa and plywood / Wings: One-piece foam core with carbon fiber reinforcement, balsa / sheeting applied with epoxy for added security and stiffness, / recessed wing hold down bolts to minimize drag, center section / wrapped in double layer of fiberglass cloth / Covering: Covered in Top Flite MonoKote covering, color scheme is / entirely True Red TOPQ0227 / Radio Compartment: Easily accessible under wing / Landing Gear: Pre-bent aluminum / Tail Section: Self-aligning V-tail bolts to fuselage and can be / easily removed for easy transportation / Aileron Servo Control: One servo needed with at least 35 oz-in torque / Motor Mount: Aluminum, multi-fit backplate style / Assembly Time: Ready to fly in as few as 6-8 hours / Warranty: Great Planes Model Manufacturing Company guarantees this / kit free from defects in both materials and workmanship at date / of purchase. / / INCLUDES: One Great Planes Viper 500 sport model airplane kit with / pre-assembled wing fuselage & tail sections, pushrods, decal sheet, / hardware, 2? (61mm) plastic profile wheels Read More

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<div class="aplus"> <br> <h5><div id="header0">Going Sky-High With Disney?s Planes</div></h5> <div class="a-spacing-small" id="tex...t0"><p>Disney/Pixar?s CARS takes place on the ground, but what?s going on in the skies above them? A whole new incredible world of extreme speed, adventure and fun! All is revealed in PLANES, the new movie with a new daredevil star ? Dusty Crophopper, who?s included in this thrill-seeking playset that re-creates his hometown from the film.</p></div> <div class="third-col"> <div class="centerImage"> <div id="image0"><img src="" alt="" width="285" height="285"><div class="imageCaption">Fly Dusty to his home at Propwash Junction.<br>View larger</div></div> </div> </div> <div class="third-col"> <div class="centerImage"> <div id="image1"><img src="" alt="" width="285" height="285"><div class="imageCaption">Translucent slide helps Dusty land on the runway.<br>View larger</div></div> </div> </div> <div class="third-col last"> <div class="centerImage"> <div id="image2"><img src="" alt="" width="285" height="285"><div class="imageCaption">Dusty Crophopper diecast vehicle is built with connector on his belly.<br>View larger</div></div> </div> </div> <div class="break spacer"> </div> <div class="third-col"> <div class="centerImage"> <div id="image3"><img src="" alt="" width="285" height="285"><div class="imageCaption">Attach him to the propeller on the fueling station and send him ?flying? in circles.<br>View larger</div></div> </div> </div> <div class="third-col"> <div class="centerImage"> <div id="image4"><img src="" alt="" width="285" height="285"><div class="imageCaption">Refuel at the gas station or roll to the hangar and rest.<br>View larger</div></div> </div> </div> <div class="third-col last"> <div class="centerImage"> <div id="image5"><img src="" alt="" width="285" height="285"><div class="imageCaption">Action-packed playtown features 3 buildings and a runway.<br>View larger</div></div> </div> </div> <div class="break spacer"> </div> <div class="a-spacing-small" id="text1"><p>No airport would be complete without a runway, and the Propwash Junction playset has a special one. It?s a translucent slide that wraps around the airport?s control tower. Drop Dusty onto it, and you can send him on a tower fly-by on his way back down to the ground. The Dusty Crophopper vehicle has a connector on its belly that hooks up to the propeller on top of the fueling station part of the playset. A little push allows the plane to circle Propwash Junction. Dusty can also ?refuel? at the gas station, or roll to the hangar and rest for the night. Includes the Propwash Junction playset and Dusty Crophopper vehicle.</p></div> <h5><div id="header1">Features:</div></h5> <div id="list0"><ul><li>Translucent landing runway for planes </li><li>Fly Planes around on the propeller on top of the Fill ?n? Fly Station </li><li>Features gas station, control tower, and flight school areas</li><li>Includes Dusty Crophopper plane and playset</li></ul></div> </div> Read More

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Little Plane by Hape makes the sky the limit when this hand-powered plane takes off. The openings in this sturdy plane are perfect... for small hands to hold. Elasticized hinges allow the wings to move up and down. Develops fine and gross motor skills as well as stimulating imagination. Durable child safe paint finish and solid wood construction are hallmarks of Hape toys. Hape's toys stimulate children through every stage of development and help nurture and develop their natural abilities. All Hape products sold in North America meet or exceed all applicable safety standards. Read More

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<div class="aplus"> <div class="leftImage" style="width: 250px;"><div id="image0"><img src="" alt="" width="210" height="210"><div class="imageCaption">Bravo is authentically designed in large-scale likeness.<br>View larger</div></div></div> <div class="rightImage" style="width: 250px;"><div id="image1"><img src="" alt="" width="210" height="210"><div class="imageCaption">Push down on his head to hear sounds and phrases straight from the movie.<br>View larger</div></div></div> <h5><div id="header0">Disney Planes Deluxe Talking Bravo Plane</div></h5> <div class="a-spacing-small" id="text0"><p>One of three enchanting vehicles from the Disney Planes movie, this Deluxe Talking Bravo plane captures the charming personality of Bravo and features iconic details, design, sounds, and action. He has easy mechanisms kids can activate like audio and simple movements, and a spinning propeller and projectiles that fire for realistic play. He says more than 15 phrases and sounds from the movie, too, and is ready to recreate favorite scenes and take off to new big adventures.</p></div> <h5><div id="header1">Going Sky-High with Disney?s Planes</div></h5> <div class="a-spacing-small" id="text1"><p>Disney/Pixar?s CARS action all takes place on the ground, and now a whole new incredible world of extreme speed, adventure, comedy, and fun is flying in from PLANES. Starring Dusty Crophopper, a small town plane with big dreams of competing as a high-flying air racer, trouble is he has two problems: he isn't built for racing and he's afraid of heights.</p></div> <h5><div id="header2">Takeoff and Landing</div></h5> <div class="a-spacing-small" id="text2"><p>Kids can recreate adventures from the movie with Bravo a plane celebrated for his stellar instincts and outstanding service records, and along with partner Echo, is one of the famous Jolly Wrenches? top troops.</p></div> <div class="break"> </div> <h5><div id="header3">Features:</div></h5> <div id="list0"><ul><li>Exciting, colorful character inspired design and decos</li><li>Easy activated action includes propellers that spin and projectiles that fire</li><li>Emits more than 15 character specific phrases and sounds</li><li>Comes in ?Try me? packaging</li></ul></div> </div> Read More

K'NEX Education
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STEM AT ITS BEST! Bring the excitement of hands-on learning to your next simple machines unit. As part of a series, the K'NEX Educ...ation Intro to Simple Machines: Wheels & Axles and Inclined Planes set is designed to introduce students to the scientific concepts associated with two types of Simple Machines - wheels and axles, and inclined planes. Students build, investigate, and evaluate scientific principles in action. The Teacher's Guide, used in conjunction with the K'NEX materials and individual Student Journals, provides the information and resources needed to build students' understanding of scientific concepts and channel their inquiries into active and meaningful learning experiences. Set includes 221 K'NEX parts - enough to build 7 fully-functioning replicas of real-world machines, one at a time. Supports 2 - 3 students working as a team. Grades 3 -5. Building instructions and comprehensive teacher's guide aligned to Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Standards included. Packaged in a strong storage tray with Snap-on lid. STEM Education focuses on science, technology, engineering and mathematics concepts taught through problem-solving, discovery, exploratory learning and critical thinking. STEM Education requires students to be active participants in the learning. K'NEX models offer hands-on learning opportunities that encourage scientific inquiry, investigation and experimentation. Our inquiry-based lessons challenge students as they build, investigate, problem solve, discuss, and evaluate scientific and design principles in action. Aligned to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math standards. Also see K'NEX Education's Intro to Simple Machines: Levers and Pulleys and Intro to Simple Machines: Gears, and Simple Machines Deluxe for grades 3-5 and Exploring Machines for grades 5 - 9. Includes Teacher Guide on CD! Read More

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Set of 7 Japanese Iwako Vehicle & Plane Puzzle Eraser Set, Each Eraser Approx Measures 1-1/4in to 1-1/2in,All Erasers are Hand Ass...embled in Japan, Take apart in serval pieces and easily assemble again. Fun to play. These Erasers are Non-toxic and lead-free. Read More

Stanley Hand Tools
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Newest addition to Sweet Heart line of planes from Stanley, The S.W. No. 92 features a 1/8 thick A-2 blade and a two piece ductile... iron body with a fully adjustable mouth. Ideal for shoulder work or once separated, the exposed the blade can be used as a chisel plane for cleaning corners and removing excess glue. Limited lifetime warranty from Stanley. Read More

Great Planes
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An improperly balanced model-at best-won t be able to fulfill its true performance potential. At worst, it could crash and be dest...royed. Why take the risk? Great Planes inexpensive, easy-to-use CG Machine is the only tool that finds the exact balance without guesswork...and it can be used with virtually ANY fixed-wing aircraft Read More

Great Planes
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"This is the radio controlled, glow or electric powered, almost-ready-to-fly, / Great Planes Revolver Sport Aerobatic Airplane. / ...For Average Sport Pilots. / / FEATURES: Construction: Balsa and ply / Wings: Two piece, foam core balsa sheeted, aluminum wing tube / Cowl: Painted fiberglass / Covering: Factory applied Top Flite MonoKote / Radio Compartment: Plywood reinforced / Landing Gear: Pre-formed composite / Wheels: Two main 2.71"" (69mm) diameter Read More

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Planes Movie Rochelle Vehicle Snap Fit Model Kit : Bring the hit Disney Planes movie to life! This Planes Movie Rochelle Vehicle S...nap Fit Model Kit is the perfect thing for you to enjoyably recreate the fun adventures of the airplanes in the Planes movie. Plus, because it's a snap-fit model kit, you don't have to worry about messy glue for assembly! Read More

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