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Combining the romance and enchantment of princesses with a message of youthful female empowerment, these books are about girls who... didn?t just sit around waiting to be rescued. Against great odds, they changed their own lives?and their worlds. Stories of princesses from different cultures and different epochs in history are richly illustrated with photographs, maps, and lovely pen-and-watercolor paintings that help bring these fascinating females to life. Bringing to life the story of a woman who boldly declared herself pharaoh, this book tells of Hatshepsut, who lived in ancient Egypt. When explorers first chipped a hole through a wall and shined a light into Tutankhamuns tomb, everything it touched glinted with gold and gleamed with silver. The boy-king so surrounded by this treasure would become one of the most famous names in history. But the less-famous princess Hatshepsut had accumulated much of the wealth that was buried in the tomb. Answering such questions as How did she make Egypt so rich? and How did she come to be buried, like Tutankhamun, in the Valley of the Kings?, this book also has sections on the clothes Hatshepsut wore, the foods she ate, and why she is remembered today. Book Details: Format: Hardcover Publication Date: 10/1/2010 Pages: 24 Reading Level: Age 9 and Up Author: Shirin Yim Bridges Publisher: Goosebottom Books Dimensions: 9.25in length x 0.39in width x 10.62in height Weight: 10.4oz. Read More

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