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JJ Cole Stroller Bags

JJ Cole
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Ah, the blessing and the curse of diaper bags! They've certainly evolved from the clunky dinosaurs that they used to be, and we're... grateful to have so many gorgeous and practical choices. However, no matter how beautiful diaper bags get, they will always be large. Babies need a lot of things on the go: fresh diapers, bottles, toys, changing pads, snacks, and much, much more. Let us take the weight off: a good set of stroller clips will save you a lot of lugging, and JJ Cole Grips stroller clips are tops. Attaching your bag to your stroller is a snap with Grips - just loop the Grips around your stroller handlebar, and clip them to the loops on your diaper bag where the shoulder strap attaches. JJ Cole diaper bag stroller straps feature no-slip material that will hold firmly in place on the handle, so your bag won't rattle around as you stroll, and they hold the bag up high, so it won't keep you from accessing your stroller basket. Read More

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