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Chicco Baby Walkers

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Chicco Baby Jogging Help babies confidently take their first step with Chicco Baby Jogging. This jogger is ergonomically designed ...and offers six different positions to suit baby's needs. You can help maintain the right posture with this jogging equipment while baby learns to walk. Babies will enjoy walking with this companion given its audio and visual features. Every baby step is accompanied by flashing lights and rhythmic sounds. The lights and sounds are in coordination with the walking spped. Flash lights and melodious sounds speed up when baby walks fast and slows down when the pace reduces. Why You'll Love It: This jogging product allows for natural and correct posture while walking. Age: 9 months and up Features Maintains correct posture Comfortable for different physiques Attractive lights and sounds Bright and vibrant colors Dimensions:18.1in length x 6.19 in width x 21.69 in height Read More

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No Assembly Required Chicco Baby Activity Walker With an ergonomic design, Chicco Baby Activity Walker helps infants take their fi...rst step confidently. This walker is like an activity center: melodies captivate developing minds. Every baby step is accompanied by sounds and flashing lights. This can motivate them to take a few more steps.Babies can even learn about different shapes while they stroll. Why You'll Love It: This walker comes with sound effects, lights and amusing games. Age: 9 months and up Features Features visual and sound effects Fun colors Develops coordination skills Encourages learning Dimensions:16in length x 19.25 in width x 6 in height Weight:5.4 lb Read More

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Chicco's Baby Activity Walker will help your baby stand up and take those first steps in complete safety. All your baby has to do hold onto the handle and start walking, and the toy will immediately play an amusing melody. When your baby stops walking, the music stops playing, which will encourage your baby to take a few more steps. The Baby Activity Walker doubles as an activity center that will stimulate your baby's imagination and coordination with the toy's many amusing games, flashing lights, and sound effects. Product Measures: 17.75 by 15.75 by 18.00 Recommended Ages: 9 months and up Weight:5.8 lb Read More

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