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Burley Design Bicycle Trailers

If you love getting out on your bicycle, take your little one along for the ride in a bicycle trailer. This small carrier attaches to a bike's frame or rear axle and can transport one or two kids, weighing up to a total of 100 pounds. The trailers include safety straps and zippered netting to protect your passengers from bugs.
Burley Design
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You want to pedal downtown to the farmers market with your kids in tow, but you're not sure what to do with them once you arrive. ...Instead of strapping a stroller to the top of your trailer, get Burley's Stroller Kit, which lets you convert your trailer into a stroller and vice versa. Attach the stroller kit's wheel to your trailer's hitch; once attached, this wheel flips up out of the way when you want to bike and flips down when you want to stroll with your Burley trailer. You don't need to lug tools with you, either. Burley threw in a wrist tether for added safety when you walk or jog. Read More

Burley Design
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<div id="seqbpdescription">Keep all bikes ready for trailering with extra hitches.</div><div id="seqbpfeatures"><ul><li>All curren...t Burley trailers include a quick release standard hitch</li><li>Bicycles with Breezer-style dropouts require use of alternative hitches</li></ul></div> Read More

Burley Design
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<div id="seqbpdescription">Aftermarket accessories for Burley trailers.</div>

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