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FuzziBunz® One Size Elite diapers feature adjustable internal elastic in the legs and waist allowing them to grow with your baby f...rom birth to potty training. Save money by not having to purchase multiple sized diapers as your baby grows, as this diaper fits most babies between 7-35 pounds.<br /><br />Easy adjustable internal leg and waist elastic allow for a customized fit for baby without the added bulk.  Truly reusable and earth friendly, the One Size Elite?s Easy Replace Elastic System allows for easy and no-sew replacement if the elastic ever wears out.<br /><br /><strong>How it works</strong><br />FuzziBunz® One Size Elite are a breeze to use<br /><br />     <strong>Adjust the elastic</strong> ? Make the diaper smaller or larger by sliding slits in the elastic over button holes. Once you adjust the internal elastic for the first use, you generally won?t have to re-adjust until the baby grows to the next size ? you will not have to adjust the elastic for every use.<br />     <strong>Stuff the Pocket</strong> - Slide an insert of your choice into the pocket opening.  Customize the absorbency according to your baby?s needs. Two microfiber inserts are included with the FuzziBunz® One Size Elite and it is important to note that most other brands of inserts/soakers will fit the wide pocket opening.<br />     <strong>Snap it on</strong> ? Place the diaper on your baby as you would a regular diaper and snap the wings onto the front to secure. With many durable snaps on the front of the diaper, its easy to find the best fit your baby as they grow. Read More

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