gDiapers gDiapers Gentle Baby Wipes - 840 ct

Why Gentle Wipes are differentMost wipes consist of petroleum-based, synthetic materials. This prevents the wipes from sticking together, and also prevents them from breaking down. Because baby wipes are a single-use product that are bound ...for the landfill, gDiapers aim is to limit the amount of non-renewable resource extraction, while sourcing ingredients that are gentle and natural to the skin. The towel is 100% cellulose, made from plants, not from oil. We use the smallest amount of gentle preservatives in order to prevent bacteria growth. 95% of the chemicals found in fragrances are synthetic compounds derived from petroleum, which can be skin allergens, irritants and photosensitizers. gDiapers Gentle Wipes do not have any added fragrance. We worked directly with parents to develop a baby wipe that is truly unique and perfectly gentle. Read More

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