GameWright Monster Café Card Game

Monster Cafe - A Terribly Tasty Card Game. 2 to 4 players - Playing time: 15 minutes. No reading required. Make a reservation for ewww at the Monster Cafe! Play cards to seat hungry monsters around tables filled with such revolting refreshm...ents as Roasted Roadkill, Boiled Brains, and Stinky Sock Stew. But be careful as these monsters are extremely picky eaters. Feed them what they fancy or else they may take a bite out of your score! Oh, and whatever you do, avoid the lemon sorbet!
Weï¾'ve never eaten at the Monster Cafe, but we imagine a dinerï¾'s review might go something like this: Gross has never tasted so good at this popular new dive for demons where patrons drool over the latest innovations in queasy cuisine. While some say the menu can be press your luck and is only for those with an iron stomach, the fresh-off-the-floor ingredients and elegantly wretched atmosphere combine for a culinary experience that literally scares off the competition.
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