Game Mill Entertainment Pillow Pets (Nintendo DS)

Pillow Pets Pillow Pets DS is an interactive game based on the characters and products of the cute, huggable and fun toy line. The games narrative is designed to be simple and accessible. The story takes place in the wonderful world of Drea...mland, which is the land where Pillow Pets go while children sleep. The player has the challenge of finding Pillow Pets who have been stuck in Dreamland, and returns them to their room, gradually populating their room with one of every type of pet. Pillow Pets! - Players can unlock and collect up to 16 Pillow Pets for play. Each pet includes adorable and hilarious animations in both pet and pillow modes! 16 Expansive Levels across 4 Unique Environments- Gameplay outside the Kids Room hub world expands into three unique regions (Fantasy Woods, Rainbow Valley and Slumber Land Castle). Each level features colorful and exciting graphics that encourage exploration. Accessible Exploration Gameplay - Side perspective platform gameplay has proven to be very effective for younger audiences. The player can immerse themselves in areas filled with interactive objects and hidden secrets without the pressure of belligerent AI or hazards. Endless Customization - Hats, capes, glasses, and shoes are but some of the many customizable accessories that can be unlocked and worn by the various pets. The game will feature 40 un-lockable accessories. Frequent Rewards - Nearly all game actions reward the player, either with animation and sound or with new content. Each outing into the world yields a tangible reward. Dimensions: 5.4in length x 4.9in width x 0.6in height Weight: 0.2lb Read More

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Many twists and turns, challenging levels, hours of game play / Variety of games to choose from. Dimensions: 6.14in length x 5.47i...n width x 0.62in height Read More

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In the action-RPG X-Men Destiny, you control the fate of a new mutant in the X-Men universe. Every choice has a consequence, as yo...ur destiny is determined through the decisions you make as you advance through the game. Play as one of three new characters in X-Men lore, each one of whom must come to terms with his or her unique background and powerful mutant identity while uncovering the truth behind an epic event that threatens to tear apart the tenuous peace between humanity and mutant kind. Evolve and customize your core mutant powers with an opportunity to earn and equip X-genes to expand and alter your power base. Choose which path to take in key moments that impact your story and how other characters respond to you. Fight alongside and against famous mutants from the X-Men comics, including Wolverine, Cyclops, Emma Frost and more. Will you choose to follow the teachings of the X-Men to unite mutants and humans, or will you usher in a new age of mutant domination with Magnetos Brotherhood? YOU decide Features include: ?Choose from three different characters to play, all with unique history and personalities ?Define and evolve your own x-men mutant through choice and customization ?Align with either the X-Men or the Brotherhood of mutants ?Select, expand and enhance your powers as you customize your abilities and earn upgrades ?Your decisions shape the story and change the world around you Your destiny is yours to define Dimensions: 5.4in length x 4.6in width x 1in height Weight: 0.15lb Read More

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Features include: ?MPAA Rating: G ?Format: DVD ?Runtime: 81 minutes Dimensions: 5in length x 5.25in width x 0.5in height

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Think you have what it takes to be the Most Evil? Welcome to Malaria, where every year the 13 great Evil Scientists compete to see... who will win the annual Evil Science Fair! Igor has the chance to be the first Evil Sidekick to win it, but his great monster invention, Eva, has been kidnapped! Can he save her in time? If you do, you may become the most Evil Scientist in the land! Features include: ?Humorous fighting game includes hundreds of different movement combinations and strategies. ?Custom build your own monsters and fight against your friends or the evil scientists of Malaria. Dimensions: 5.5in length x 5in width x 0.75in height Weight: 0.17lb Read More

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Use the DSi camera to take photos thatll spawn monsters and bring them to battle! As you win and grow, youll collect better camera...s to snap more photos and create more powerful monsters! Adventure through a universe of over 100 levels snapping photos using the exclusive Nintendo DSi camera function. Advanced color recognition will take your photos and generate monsters which you can take and battle other monsters throughout the game. Build your monsters, upgrade their powers and provide increased weapons and fighting power to wreak havoc on your duelist partners! Its an adventure that encourages creative photography, where the photos you take have lasting effects on the total gameplay. Features include: ?First DSi platform specific product to incorporate photography as an active gameplay mechanic ?Battle through single player mode or compete against friends and swap monsters via local wireless connection ?Winning tournaments allows gamers to use their prize money to upgrade their monsters powers and purchase new more powerful capsules allowing for advanced monster collection ?Compete to collect 4 types of cameras opening new monsters and new levels ?More than 120 monsters to collect and over 100 different floors to explore Dimensions: 5.2362in length x 5.4331in width x 0.6299in height Weight: 0.19lb Read More

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Face Racers: Photo Finish FACE KART:PHOTO FINISH (NINTENDO DS) ?Tilt your 3DS like a steering wheel to race your customizable car ...with ease and precision. The unique tilt-steering control system is made easy for everyone to turn, accelerate, break, and reverse. ?Take a photo with the Nintendo 3DS camera and map it to your custom 3D avatars face; Personalize photos with 100 choices ranging from hairstyles, clothing, eyewear and more! ?Select your unique car and customize it to stand out. Choose from different racing attributes, colors, designs and add-ons including spoilers and wheel arches. ?Unlock hidden tracks, race against the clock and prove youre the fastest in multiple game modes including Championship, Quick Race, Arena and more that delivers the ultimate racing experience in various degrees of difficulty that everybody can enjoy. ?Race in over 20 exotic track locations, skid around corners, soar over chasms, and experience intense speed with physics-based racing dynamics. Dimensions: 5.3937in length x 4.8819in width x 0.5905in height Weight: 0.2lb Read More

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Pucca Power Up Pucca and Garus action romance story! Pucca Power Up features six episodes following Pucca and Garu through their a...dventurous love story. This quirky mismatch between the daughter of a noodle seller and a ninja challenges players to help Pucca and Garu on their quest for true love. Players will also learn new skills from Master Su and compete in 6 mini-games while watching FMVs from the original TV series! Dimensions: 5.4in length x 4.9in width x 0.6in height Weight: 0.2lb Read More

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Beastly is a modern day retelling of Beauty and the Beast set in a big city high school. Using your Nintendo DS stylus, spot the d...ifferences between scenes from the Beastly feature film before the time runs out! After completing five puzzles, you can play one of three challenging mini games to further test your visual skills. Compete against a friend in a fast paced battle to see who is the spot the difference champ! Features include: ?Over 80 photos to spot the difference ?With 15 differences to spot in each photo and only 5 to find with each puzzle, old photos still offer new gameplay. ?Play a with or against friends ?3 difficulty level to test your skills ?4 different icons can help the player during gameplay. Dimensions: 10in length x 10in width x 15in height Read More

Storm City Entertainment
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Storm City Entertainment Gummy Bears Mini Golf (Nintendo DS) Transport yourself to a wonderful fairy tale land full of color and c...heer! Gummy Bears Mini Golf can be enjoyed by all ages. Collect achievements, purchase unique Gummy Bear merchandise, and customize nine unique holes for a personalized adventure! Come play in the fantastic world of Gummy Bears! Product Features Fun, lovable, colorful party game. Play with two player hotseat on DS. Customize up to 9 holes using the Gummy Bear course customizer. Product Measures: 3.8 x 15.3 x 6.1 0.25 lbs. Read More

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Storm City Entertainment Camaro Wild Ride (Nintendo DS) In Chevrolet Camaro: Wild Ride, test your mettle against other drivers thr...ough treacherous tracks across three continents. Choose one of 12 Camaro vehicles to pilot, in models ranging from 1971 to modern day. Take in the sights as you cruise through the famous landmarks in Asia, Europe, and the United States. Compete across 3 continents on 9 tracks Race each track in normal or reverse for a whole new experience 12 Camaros available with models ranging from 1971 to present day Dimensions: 5.4in length x 4.9in width x 1in height Weight: 0.2lb Read More

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