Game Mill Entertainment Big Time Rush (Nintendo DS)

Game Mill Entertainment
Big Time Rush (Nintendo DS)
Big Time Rush (Nintendo DS)
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Big Time Rush Video Game Condition: NewBattery no battery usedGenre: Music Release Date: November 6, 2012 Platform: Nintendo DS Publisher: Game Mill Entertainment

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Get lost in a world of exciting and challenging puzzles in Puzzle Time! Sharpen your solving skills and complete each puzzle as qu...ickly as possible to win awards and become the Puzzle Champion!Features include: -Over 1,000 full puzzles to solve -2 modes: Free Play mode and Puzzle Time mode-Categories include: Crosswords, Sudoku, Code Cruncher, Number Trail, Anagram and Picture Puzzle Read More

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Find video games at! Get in on the high-tech action with disney big hero 6 for nintendo ds. This nintendo ds game is in...spired by the marvel comics of the same name and has cool comic-book style action. Following on the heels of their superhero debut, the big hero 6 team has targeted a dangerous gangster named yama and his legion of out of control fighting robots. You can take control of the characters to solve the mystery. Send robot's flying across the screen as hiro hamado with his electro-mag gauntlets. Zoom through levels at top speed as go go tamago. Slice and dice as wasabi with his plasma blades. And smash and burn as fred in his kaiju monster... Read More

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Boogie to the fast beat in this rhythm game for the Nintendo DS. Create and customize your very own Boog, then take the stage usin...g the DS Touch Screen to showcase your best dancing moves. With 20 hit songs from over four decades, a variety of lovable characters, and three different styles of gameplay, Boogie is the must-have dancing party game for all ages to round out their DS games collection. Read More

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Play Your Way To A Better Score! No pressure. No deadlines. Just a whole lot of fun! Introducing a painless new way to prep for th...e SAT. Sharpen your critical thinking skills, build relevant knowledge and reduce test anxiety with a collection of games that feature curriculum from Kaplan, the leader in SAT Prep. Study on your own time and for however long you like. There?s no easier ? or more fun ? way to become a better problem-solver, boost your confidence and up your SAT score!Features include: -Get the inside track on tackling the big test with curriculum from Kaplan, the SAT prep experts -Improve core knowledge of the test material through fun games ? no memorization necessary-Track your progress and identify areas that need more practice-Strengthen test-taking skills that will help you on the SAT, in your college experience and in life Read More

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Grease for the Nintendo DS.Features include: -Learn all the lyrics to 16 of your favorite Grease songs -Compete in dance-offs arou...nd various locations at Rydell High-Unlock costumes for Danny and Sandy and use the Nintendo DSi camera to take a picture of yourself and see yourself in the game-Story, quickplay, multiplayer and DSi download play option-Learn the actual choreography to all your favorite routines in dance steps Read More

Cokem International 1011193
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Start your engine and enter the hilarious world of Disney/Pixar's animated feature film, Cars. Play as all your favorite motor-mou...ths as you help Lightning McQueen capture the Pistol Cup Championship. Relive the fun and excitement of the movie with a thrilling story-based adventure. Burn rubber as you challenge yourself in more than 30 races and mini games. Play as more than 10 different comical Cars characters. Enjoy an immersive experience that features the real actors' voices from the movie. You can even race against your friends in multiplayer action and make them eat your dust. Read More

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You are a ninja in N+. Your god-like speed, dexterity, jumping power, and reflexes are all the result of an amazingly fast metabol...ism; sadly, so is your natural lifespan of 1.5 minutes. Read More

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In the jazz-infused world of 1920s New Orleans, something magical is about to occur. Get ready for a journey full of joy and imagi...nation in true Disney style as you join spunky heroine Tiana for a one-of-a-kind adventure. From genuine New Orleans-style music and cooking to the fun of playing frog games in the bayou, The Princess and the Frog steeps you in the charm and excitement of the animated film. Roam the irresistible world of New Orleans and the bayou as The Princess and the Frog whisks you away on a magical adventure. Play as Tiana and Ray, using Ray's special flying abilities to help you soar to new heights. Rely on your courage and daring to embark on special quests and outwit your enemies. Savor the delicious culture of New Orleans as you cook regional cuisine in multiple activities, and even discover real recipes. Then gather up to three friends for wireless ad-hoc gameplay that lets you make beautiful music together and save it in the game's jukebox. Read More

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Inspiration is a scribble away from becoming reality. And in this innovative puzzle challenge, you'll follow your inspiration to v...ictory. Maxwell, the hero of Scribblenauts, has the power to use items called Starites which make his drawings become real. Use your imagination to solve over 200 levels with whatever you can dream up: tools, weapons, ladders, or a fresh-baked pie. Whatever it is, if you can write it, you can use it. It may even be just the thing you're looking for! Pick-up-and-play ... Read More

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An evil toy maker has come to the nation's capital with a plan to take over the minds of the some of the city's most powerful poli...ticians, and it's up to Cory and his friends to put a stop to it. In the first portable game based on the Disney Channel show, players control Cory, Newt, or Meena through challenges that involve mini-game puzzles, role-playing dialogue with D.C. big shots, and stealth-action levels where security cameras (or robot toy guards!) must be avoided at all costs. ~ All Game Guide Read More

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Tackle unique challenges as you compete to win $1 000 000 in NBC???s hit game show ???Minute to Win It???. With encouragement from... All-American chef and host Guy Fieri you will compete in series of simple yet intimidating games that can lead you to a $1 million prize! The everyday household items used in each 60-second challenge may seem harmless but it will take nerves of steel to conquer all 10 tasks. So be careful because when that minute is up so is your chance of winning. ESRP Rating ???E??? Games Features: 36 Fun and Exciting Mini GamesFull Character CustomizationBalance Board CompatibleSolo & MultiplayerPlayers 1 to 4 Read More

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I Spy Castle Explore a legendary castle to discover the secrets of the dragons! Play I Spy riddles and brain-teasing puzzles to un...lock new rooms of the castle and uncover its intriguing history. Search for over 400 objects in 36 I Spy riddles, play mini-games and reveal the castle's secrets. Read More

SouthPeak Games
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The planet Roo was once a magical, happy place, powered by falling shapes known as Magical Meteors and populated by beings known a...s the Roogoo. Over time, some Roogoo began to abuse the powers of the Magical Meteors for greed and corruption, devastating the planet and plunging it into darkness. These fallen Roogoo are now known as the Meemoo. Your quest, as Roogoo, is to foil the Meemoo's activities of corruption and restore Planet Roo to its former glory.Based on the critically-acclaimed Roogoo for Xbox Live Arcade, this game allows you to continue Roogoo's quest to ensure that the Magical Meteors can reach planet Roo and revive it with happiness and joy. But look out - the Meemoos will not let their energy source go without a fight! Read More

Game Mill Entertainment
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Dagedar GameMill Entertainment brings the exciting world of DaGeDar to the gaming market via the Nintendo DS in time for the 2011 season. Each DaGeDar holds a unique spirit within that offers advantage to the player during each race. Using sharp reflexes players do battle in a game of speed and skill as they race their DaGeDar ball to the end of a virtual raceway. Each raceway is composed lanes that loop, drop, climb and bank - but also contain blocks, and gaps that will knock the player off their game. 100 basic DaGeDar balls to unlock and choose from. Each ball carries abilities of Acceleration, Top Speed, Defense and Attack. Single or Multi-Player game play. 2 balls are in play at a time. 50 fast and furious raceways. Typical race time is 2-3 min. Read More

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Touch-screen gamers find entertaining activities and interactive companionship in Lalaloopsy. The game is based on the toy line, f...eaturing characters who were once rag dolls but came to life when their last stitch was sewn. As their stories go, each takes on a distinct personality, based on the old fabric from which she was created. It is set in Lalaloopsy Land, where players can engage in a selection of gentle mini-games involving cooking, crafting, finding lost pets, and other activities. Players interact with Tippy Tumblelina, Crumbs Sugar Cookie, and other Lalaloopsy favorites. Read More

Aspyr Media
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Touch Mechanic takes players into the exciting world of customs and car tuning and tasks them with learning what it takes to be a ...surgeon of the automobile. Gamers learn to change rims, repair damaged bumpers, replace mufflers and brakes, and aftermarket enhancements and perform paint and decal work on vehicles of all shapes and sizes while working their way to the top of the profession!Beginning as a young mechanic with an intriguing past, players find themselves under the wing of Captain Bob of Captain Bob’s Auto Repair. The Player earns money through repair work to upgrade his car and enters the new ride in custom car shows. With impressive showings in the competition, gamers gain the attention of bigger and better shops and eventually obtain a dream job with the top racing team on the circuit!Features include: -Use the DS touchscreen to repair and modify cars -Game has 75 episodes with increasing difficulty and complex car repairs-Fully-rendered 3D cars can be inspected from all angles-Purchase and modify your own car to create the perfect ride-DS stylus simulates tools such as a saw, buffer, sander, and more Read More

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Welcome to the unsanctioned, underground world of ping-pong tournaments. Down-and-out former professional ping-pong phenom Randy D...aytona is sucked into this maelstorm when FBI Agent Ernie Rodriguez recruits him for a secret mission. Randy is determined to bounce back and win, and to smoke out his father's killer -- arch fiend Feng.Features include: -Control your ping pong paddle and make a variety of shots by using the Nintendo DS stylus -Play as Randy Daytona, Feng, or one of 18 other characters from the movie-Experience intense ping pong battles as you follow key events from the movie in Story Mode-Play against a friend in Multiplayer Mode to find the true ping pong champion Read More

Warner Bros.
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Find video games at! In the bachelor: the videogame, players compete for one of five bachelors and five bachelorettes b...ased on real-life bachelors and bachelorettes... Read More

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