Furby Furby Furbling Creature Waves

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Furb...y Furblings Figure - Waves

Furby Furblings join the Furby Boom fun! You can care for this cute Furblings creature with a Furby Boom creature (sold separately) for great nurturing moments, laughs and surprises. Discover all of the Furby Furblings colors and patterns - match them with your Furby Boom creatures, or mix them up!

Talks to Furby Boom
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Talks To Furby Boom

Furby Furblings and Furby Boom creatures share a special connection: when you play with your Furblings creature, it talks, sings, or calls out for attention, and Furby Boom responds. Whatever your Furblings creature needs, a Furby Boom creature will know just what to do, say, or even sing! Not only does this cute Furblings creature talk to your Furby Boom creature, it also connects with the free Furby Boom app. Just follow the steps to scan your Furblings creature with the Furby Boom app. You will unlock a virtual egg to hatch and 3 special accessories.

Unlock the Virtual Egg and 3 Accessories
Use With the Furby Boom App

Once you hatch your Furblings virtual egg, you can give it a fun name and decorate a virtual playroom with the unlocked accessories! There are lots of ways to interact with virtual Furby Furblings using the free Furby Boom app! You can play games with virtual Furblings together with a Furby Boom creature, mix up yummy smoothies for virtual Furblings to slurp down, and style virtual Furblings to look fabulous. Your virtual Furblings will add to your collection and help fill up your virtual Furblings city.

So Cute
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A New Generation Is Hatching

A New Generation Is Hatching with Furby Furblings and Furby Boom creatures. Furby Furblings make adorable friends for Furby Boom - discover how a Furby Boom responds when you play with your Furblings creature and it cries "Whaa!" Look for even more Furblings colors and patterns to expand your collection.

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Includes 1 Furby Furblings creature and instructions.

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1. Furby Boom responds to what Furblings say2. Scan your Furblings creature using the Furby Boom app and unlock more fun3. Furby Furblings are adorable with many colors and patterns to choose from - collect them all (each sold separately)4. Style a virtual playroom for your digital Furblings creature in the Furby Boom app

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Hasbro is committed to being an ethical and responsible company and is a recognized toy industry leader in the areas of product safety, environmental sustainability, ethical sourcing and philanthropy.

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