Folkmanis Full Body Leopard Shark Puppet by Folkmanis Puppets

Some things just belong together; peanut butter and jelly, milk and cookies, John and Yoko, you and the Full Body Leopard Shark Puppet by Folkmanis. Is it fate? Is it destiny? Is it luck? In your case, it was probably a Google search for 'L...eopard shark puppet'. Regardless of what it was that led you to seek out this Folkmanis Leopard shark puppet, your search is over. You are peanut butter, the Leopard shark puppet is jelly, is the knife used to unite you, and Google is the bread that holds us all together. It's beautiful really. Wait. What? You found this plush Leopard shark puppet on Bing? Really? Bing? Ok, then Bing gets to be the bread. Whatever search engine you used is the bread. The point is that you need jelly. No, scratch that, you need an awesome Leopard shark puppet like a puppy needs pancakes and we are here to help you. The Full Body Leopard Shark Puppet by Folkmanis is certainly a wonderful choice. It looks like a real Leopard shark, which is nice. It has excellent coloring and is really well made, also a plus. It's designed for frequent use, too, so you won't have any problems sticking your hand in it and making with the funny over and over again. So now that you've found your Yoko, what magic will you and your plush Leopard shark puppet create? As with the entire line of plush puppets by Folkmanis, the Full Body Leopard Shark Puppet is durably constructed to withstand numerous puppet shows, story times, and the expected demands of quality playtime. These fantastic puppets are made with all new materials and meet or exceed all U.S. safety standards. Recommended for ages three and up, surface washing is suggested for this Leopard shark puppet. Read More

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