Folkmanis "Folkmanis Leopard Frog Hand Puppet"

"Folkmanis Leopard Frog Hand Puppet"
"Folkmanis Leopard Frog Hand Puppet"
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"LEOPARD FROG HAND PUPPET Birthday: 2007 July Size: 15"" LONG 4"" TALL 8"" WIDE Leaping lizards! It looks like a real frog and has stretchable legs just like one too. The Leopard Frog is fashioned in soft micro-fiber fabrics and features a ...movable... Read More

Folkmanis Puppets
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Gangly arms and legs make this friendly LONG LEGGED FROG puppet ready for hopping good fun! Animate froggy's big mouth to croak an...d sing like a frog from your favorite story or fairytale! Read More

Folkmanis Puppets
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This bright-green-and-yellow amphibian is truly one-of-a-kind with bulging, movable eyes, and a mouth and tongue that can be manip...ulated, FROG is sure to provide hours of entertainment. Read More

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The perfect accessory to your decor or wardrobe,?this shark puppet is sporting a rich fantasy leopard jacquard. His teeth are soft... vinyl, so even if he catches you, you'll feel no pain from this sleek but chic LEOPARD SHARK puppet. Read More

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Invite this peculiar fellow to your next picnic and you won't worry about an ant invasion! Detailed to look like his cousin found nature, this Anteater puppet has a long suede-cloth tongue accented with a silkscreened ant! Measures 16L x 6H x 5.5W Read More

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An Old World Monkey , this BABOON Puppet is fashioned in gorgeous soft feathery plush with its distinctive hind quarters in pink s...uede cloth. Animate the mouth and arms of this funny social primate to show off its anthropomorphic antics! Read More

Folkmanis Inc.
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Puppet Leopard Frog

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Look out, here he comes... Gotcha! The Scorpion glove puppet fits growing hands of all sizes, from child to adult. Innovative eigh...t fingered design may be worn on either hand. Use the special pocket in its' tail to make a stinging attack. Measures 6L x 6H x 6.5W Read More

Madame Alexander
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Madame Alexander Kermit The Frog Hand Puppet

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Every occasion is a formal occasion for this ritzy Emperor Penguin puppet. Animate his head and beak and he can check for leopard ...seals, groom his feathers or nuzzle a young penguin. Measures 9L x 14H x 8W Read More

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This homespun PATCHWORK RABBIT is as scrappy as they come. With lots of personality and differently textured and patterned fabrics... like a vintage quilt, this rabbit is great for snuggling, storytelling or bringing homey comfort on a long trip. Measures 11 L x 12 H x 7 W Read More

Folkmanis Inc
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Folkmanis Inc Tortoise Puppet s this Tortoise looking for a hare to race? This silk-screened, suede-cloth puppet is just one step ...away from nature. Head & front legs articulate or retract into shell completely. Features: -Gender: Boy; Girl.-Age Start:... Read More

Kids Preferred
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Kids Preferred My Little Hand Puppet - Green FrogRIBBIT! RIBBIT! Hand puppets are always perfect companions to help read your favo...rite book or pretend to be hip hopping in the pond! Enjoy playing with our soft and cute little froggy friend! Read More

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The critically endangered Leatherback Sea Turtle is the largest of all living sea turtles. The Leatherback Sea Turtle puppet featu...res a brown screen printed shell and a movable mouth and flippers. Make her dive for food or crawl up the beach to lay her eggs. Measures 12 L x 9 W x 4 H Read More

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In spite of his oversized nose, knobby knees and sprawling crown of antlers, the moose still manages to look majestic as he lumber...s across subarctic terrain. This Moose puppet, with his soft plush fur and serious expression, promises to be the perfect answer to a little northern exposure. Hand enters from underneath. Read More

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Ride on into fun with the HORSE PUPPET! Slide your hand through the chest area to open her mouth, turn her head or buck and rear. ...With her flowing mane and tail, she's a sure bet for all horse lovers, young and old. Read More

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With his smiling face and curlicue tail, this rotund PIGGY puppet is a perfect pal for storytime. While his pot belly rests on you...r arm, manipulate the arms and mouth to happily sing along to all your favorite barnyard tunes. Read More

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Make your own tomfoolery with this mischievous TOMCAT puppet. Animate this character's mouth or use the arm pockets for some paws ...up action! Read More

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A bright green harbinger of spring, the grasshopper is a friendly fellow if you can catch him. This stunning Folkmanis GRASSHOPPER... PUPPET is a glove puppet that fits growing hands of all sizes, from child to adult. Innovative five-fingered design may be worn on either hand. Read More

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Cock-a-doodle-doo! Let out a crow when you work this ROOSTER PUPPET. You can strut and peck with the best of them when you animate... his head and beak. The best part is he'll let you sleep in! Read More

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Yorick Jester Character Puppet by Folkmanis - 2894

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