Flash Point Is It Still Cheating If I Dont Get Caught?

My teacher gave me an A... by mistake. What do I do? Teens face tough choices like this one every day. Helps arrived! Whether its about the use of the internet (downloading music? copying homework papers?) or sports (steroids?), friendship,... family, school, or affairs of the heart, kids often find themselves asking: Whats the right thing to do? With five simple and clear ethical principles as a foundation, and plenty of out-of-real-life dilemmas as examples, Dr. Bruce Weinstein offers answers and an approach to things that teens will find useful, reliable, and commonsensical. Book Details:Format: Paperback Publication Date: 4/14/2009 Pages: 160 Reading Level: Age 10 and Up Author: Bruce Weinstein Publisher: Flash Point Dimensions: 8.58in length x 5.46in width x 0.42in height Weight: 4oz. Read More

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