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First Alert
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First Alert DWB-700 Indoor 2.4-Gigahertz Digital Wireless Family Surveillance Camera eliminate wireless interference, and captures... a reliable, easy-to-see image of your child or baby's room. Unlike traditional analog systems, this camera provides clear and consistent images up-to 750-Feet away from the receiver (receiver not included). The frequency hopping transmission offers clearer pictures, higher quality audio, and signal encryption. First Alert uses encryption technology to keep your family safe and your images private. This product provides a clear, static-free signal and is not affected by wireless devices, walls or televisions. with indoor night vision, a color camera and audio surveillance, the First Alert DWB-700 Wireless Family Surveillance Camera is the perfect gift for aspiring or new parents. with night vision and color camera with audio surveillance, the DWB-700 is the most secure and reliable system on the marketplace. with no wires or complicated installation, setup is quick and easy. Charge the non-replaceable batteries and use a wireless signal to monitor your family or baby's room. Know your family is safe at all times with this high-quality, video monitor. This First Alert DWB-700 Indoor 2.4-Gigahertz Digital Wireless Family Surveillance Camera comes complete with 1 digital wireless camera, power supply, camera stand, user's manual and mounting hardware. First Alert provides a 1-year limited warranty that protects against manufacturing and workmanship defects. with an in-depth knowledge-base, First Alert invests time and research into providing dependable and hardworking products. Committed to innovation and value, First Alert improves safety and quality in and around the house, providing high-quality items. Read More

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