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The Zoomers Fit fins use a comfortable and lightweight Surflex material that floats the legs for a proper body position. The fitness-oriented fins use patented Zoomers technology to generate easy propulsion in the water so that you can incr...ease leg strength while making swimming easier. The closed-heel design creates a soft and secure fit, while the short blade construction promotes a shorter and faster kick specific to swimming. By being buoyant, the Zoomers Fit encourages an elevated body position to keep the legs active during your swim. The Flex Box on the underside of the fins will catch water during the up-kick, targeting and strengthening the hamstrings and glutes. Available in multiple sizes for a custom fit. Surflex Rubber: Comfortable, lightweight material floats legs for a proper body position Patented Zoomers Technology: Generate easy propulsion the moment the foot starts moving Buoyant:Promotes an elevated body position to keep the legs active during swim Closed Heel Design:Creates a soft and secure fit Fitness Oriented:Increases leg strength while making swimming easier Short Blade:Promotes shorter faster kicks specific to swimming Flex Box:Catches water on the up-kick, targeting and strengthening hamstrings and glutes Item: 5910-235005 Read More

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Fruit scented goggles designed for small children. Designed for swimmers aged 3-8 years

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As the Worldwide Leader in Technical Swimming Development, FINIS manufactures the most functional, comfortable, and highly goggles on the market. The Shockwave is one of our most popular adult goggles. Known for its curved lens and wide frames, the Shockwave provides optimal viewing with no distortion underwater. The high definition lens offer maximum eye protection, filtering out 100% blue light and improving contrast and depth perception. An easy lock side clip and the silicone strap allow for easy fitting. Read More

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Comfortable one-piece frame designed for youth and narrow faces. Designed for ages 6-12 years or adult swimmers with narrow faces.... Read More

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?If I could only see what I am doing I could fix my stroke!? Sound familiar? Well, now swimmers truly can watch themselves swim an...d see what the coaches see. Whether it is correcting body position, making adjustments in the timing of one?s stroke recovery, or simply perfecting one?s hand entry, the FINIS Swim Mirrors provides instantaneous visual feedback to help improve a swimmer?s technique in all four strokes. Swim mirrors are not a new concept. Doc Counsilman wrote about them in the 1960?s and the 1984 USA Olympic Swim Team used swim mirrors as a training device in preparation for that year?s Games. However, prior efforts to create a fully functional and easy operating swim mirror have been unsuccessful. Whether the limitations are due to safety, convenience, or simply affordability, attempts to make the idea a thriving reality proved more difficult than expected. Until now. By addressing the projects past obstacles, FINIS was able to find a solution. The FINIS Swim Mirrors are 45.5 inches by 28 inches of unbreakable, reinforced, polished aluminum sheets and weigh less than 3 lbs. each ? perfect for easy placement at the bottom of the pool and easy removal once practice is complete. Yet despite their lightweight and easy-transport features, the Swim Mirrors have no problem remaining fixed in position once placed. The mirrors are designed to be placed end to end in sections of the pool so swimmers can swim over the top of the mirror and see themselves swim for the entire length of the pool. The mirrors are equipped with corner holes to fasten them together if desired, and can be used to hang the mirrors from a wall for flip turns so that the swimmers receive a head-on view of their stroke, enabling the perfect streamline to become second nature. The Swim Mirror also works great for stationary swimming if the swimmers are attached to a tether or stretch cord. However, for the best results several Swim Mirrors should be placed at the bottom of a 3 to 10 foot deep pool. . Swim Mirrors are durable and long lasting when properly cared for. To assure that Swim Mirrors stay in prime condition, and to extend the lifespan of the mirrors, the training tools should be removed from the pool and rinsed with non-chlorinated water after each and every use. The Swim Mirrors should be stored flat against a wall or lying down on each other when not being used. Read More

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Foam Kickboard: This basic foam kickboard is used as a swim training device to immobilize the arms and help improve leg strength t...hrough kicking. Jr. size designed to decrease impact on shoulders. Great for youth and smaller swimmers. Jr. Size: 14? x 10?, Sr. Size: 18.5? x 11.5? Read More

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As the leading manufacturer of technical swimming products, FINIS creates only the highest quality performance goggles for swimmer...s of every age. The H2 Jr. goggles are the most popular youth swim goggle. Known for their durability and leak prevention, the multi-colored H2 Jr. goggles fit perfectly with any face shape due to their easy adjust back clip. The H2 Jr.?s also are equip with a soft PVC frame, polycarbonate lens?, and silicone double straps. These aesthetically pleasing and highly functional goggles are widely used by both the United States Swim School Association and Swim America programs. FINIS also carries a full line of technical equipment for competitive swimming that includes fins, kickboards, paddles, snorkels, suits, as well as, various other training and competitive gear. Read More

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The ideal stopwatch for swim coaches with an easy to use interface. Large triple display: Running Time, Split Time, and Lap Time 1...00 Memory with recall available during operation Stroke Rate Date/Time Water and Shock Resistant 5-year Warranty Read More

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The Hydro Hip provides resistance training to build power for hip rotation. It is an advanced training product consisting of a bel...t and two small fins that protrude from each hip, intended to be worn around the swimmer's waist for freestyle swimming (or near the chest for swimming breaststroke). A minimum guideline for who whould be using the Hydro Hip, includes Junior National level swimmers, triathletes and age group members; 14 and above. The magic of the Hydro Hip actually happens when you take it off, even after swimming as little as a hundred yards. It is specifically intended for short-distance training and quickly teaches you to drive your swim from the hips, as opposed to pulling with your arms. Ultimately, this will create a "power snap" at the hips. It is estimated that you get close to a 100% return on energy expenditure from your hips, versus only about 20% from your arms. The Hydro Hip is designed specifically to take advantage of this ratio and help you achieve a more technical and powerful stroke. Proper body alignment and balanced hip rotation serve to generate power, as well as increased distance-per-stroke and efficiency.A key to improving technique and stroke efficiency is to improve hip rotation. The strength and rate of an individual's hip rotation determines the power and timing of their stroke. Swimmers that do not have a balanced hip rotation will in turn have an unbalanced stroke, resulting in a waste of energy. Rotation is a fancy way of saying, "swimming side to side", which is highly desirable for increased stroke power and more hydrodynamic body position in the water. The Hydro HIp provides increased resistance directly at the hips to improve core strength and stroke efficiency for greater body balance and increased speed. It works the rotational muscles for greater power and distance per stroke. For freestyle and backstroke, the Hydro Hip teaches complete rotation to both sides and proper timing of the hips and body. For breaststroke, the blades can be positioned to prevent the elbows and arms from moving back too far, enforcing quick hands and faster arm recovery. Remember, the Hydro Hip is intended for drills short in length, not long distance swimming. Optimum results occur when the Hydro HIp is removed and the force of resistance is eliminated. Read More

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Helps develop upper body strength and proper alignment in the water during your workout. The buoy is held between the legs to neut...ralize the kicking motion and increase upper body strength. Comes in two different styles for various leg sizes (Jr. = Ages 12 and under, Sr. = Ages 12+) Read More

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Debatably one of the most useful swimming instructional tools ever created, the Forearm Fulcrum is a technical swimming device tha...t forces the swimmer to focus on the development of proper technique as opposed to the strength building aspect of swim training. The Forearm Fulcrum improves the efficiency of a swimmer?s stroke by aligning the hand, wrist, elbow, and shoulder, and then holding them in place to create and keep the most efficient stroke technique. The result is the ability to generate a more powerful stroke. Technique is crucial to fast swimming. One of the most common problems for many swimmers is a falling elbow throughout one?s stroke. A dropped elbow causes pressure to be exerted on the water in a more vertical than horizontal motion, ultimately inhibiting the athletes from capturing the same amount of water. Swimmers with this technical problem tend to hold their elbow below the level of their hand. As a result, force is exerted down on the water rather than towards the feet. Increasing elbow angle is a successful way of fixing a dropped elbow during the catch phase of the pull. Swimmers who correct this fault have a much more efficient stroke, enhancing their endurance and stroke consistency, while also reducing the probability of injury. The intent of the Forearm Fulcrum is to permanently fix the loathed dropped elbow obstacle. The device is specially designed to keep the elbow up and in place throughout the entirety of the one?s stroke cycle by means of teaching ?muscle memory?. The Forearm Fulcrum is a figure eight shape comprised of two closed sections. To apply, an individual slides his or her forearm into one of the closed sections, placing the hand in the other closed section. The precise angle formed encourages an ?early vertical forearm? and influences a high elbow during the catch phase of each stroke. As the swimmer reaches the top of stroke and pressure is put on the palm, the elbow will rise. The concept is simple, hand presses down?elbow pops up! Using this device will also allow you to work on the entire surface area from finger tip to elbow, maximizing the propulsive forces produced during a complete pull cycle. The positioning of the hand through the two sections of the fulcrum engages the entire forearm and palm, allowing the swimmer to capture more water. In mimicking the angle, pressure, and motion generated by this flawless stroke, the swimmer learns what feelings he or she should be experiencing upon removal of the teaching aid. If the fulcrum is used correctly, demonstrated by whether it remains in place or slips off, the swimmer will produce a stroke with the most efficient application of propulsive force. By using the Forearm Fulcrum on a consistent basis, the swimmer will become accustomed to this proper technique and eventually produce the perfect stroke involuntarily. With applications for all 4 competitive strokes, the Forearm Fulcrum remains one of the most simple, yet revolutionary technical swimming advancements ever invented. Read More

Aqua Sphere
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The Aqua Sphere adult Vista Swim Mask: Durable Polycarbonate lenses with anti-fog and scratch resistant coating. * Wraparound, 180...-degree visibility * Quick-Fit one-touch adjustments * Comfortable, leak resistant Silicone skirt * 100% UVA and UVB protection * Item: 5179-VISTA-CLEAR Read More

Bauer Hockey
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The Bauer Supreme One.6 Skate features a hydrophobic microfiber liner for excellent fit and comfort, as well as foam anaform ankle... pads for stability and a customized all around fit. The two piece tongue construction eases lace-bite, and a lightweight, Pro-8 beveled outsole makes this skate an easy choice for any player. Quarter Package: 3D Trueform tech nylon Lining Material: Hydrophobic microfiber Ankle Padding: Anaform fit foam ankle pads Tongue Construction: Anatomical, 40 oz. 2-piece felt with metatarsal guard Footbed: Molded with integrated heel support Thermoformable full upper Outsole: Lightweight, Pro-8 dual density beveled TPU Blade Holder and Runner: TUUK Lightspeed 2 with TUUK super stainless steel runner Item: 32-1000972 Read More

Aqua Sphere
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The Aqua Sphere Kaiman Small Fit Goggle has an easy-adjust buckle system. Plexisol lens 100% UVA and UVB protection 180-degree dis...tortion-free visibility Scratch-resistant coating Anti-fog coating Item: 5179-KAIMAN-SF-CLEAR Read More

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The Foot-Joy womens' StaCooler Golf Glove features Proprietary Aloe Vera leather technology offers soft, dry feel and grip perform...ance while providing an aromatic Aloe Vera softness to your hand round after round. Aloe Vera Cabretta Leather: Proprietary Aloe Vera leather technology offers soft, dry feel and grip performance while providing an aromatic Aloe Vera softness to your hand round after round. PowerNet Mesh: Breathable elasticized PowerNet Mesh creates cool comfort while improving fit and flexibility. Item: 14-STACOOLER Read More

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The Speedo adult Solid Silicone Cap has a superior, soft texture. Excellent stretch, pliability, and durability Does not pull hair... when removing or putting on cap Import Item: 5047-751104 Read More

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A performance goggle that transcends traditional design. Inspired by the unique bird nest architectural design of Beijing's main s...tadium for 2008. The structural elements of the Nest Pro's frame create a unique grid-like effect, similar to the way a bird's nest is intertwined for support. Smaller, more compact frame and gaskets to fit smaller faces and children. Item: 5486-LGNSTN Read More

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The nFORM Ultralight line has taken the unique needs of fast and light backpacking and built a system of solutions that defy the n...otion that ultralight means making sacrifices. * Time, comfort, efficiency, performance, and ultra-light weight in a system built for one or two. * Pinnacle series cookware uses Teflon with Radiance technology which has been tested and approved expressly for campware use. * 1.8 L Pot, Strainer Lid, 2 20 fl. oz. insulated mugs, 2 20 fl. oz. bowls, 2 Sip-It tops, 2 Telescoping Foons, Stove Bag, and Welded Sink. Size: 5.9" x 6.4" x 5.9". Weight: 20.7 oz. * Item: 5303-G015 Read More

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The Kombi Proline 285 Barrierweight 1/4 Zip Neck Top features flat lock stitching for added comfort. * 1/4 Zip Neck * Raglan * Flat lock stitching * Item: 360-30159 Read More

The North Face
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It's not your average duffel bag. Made from a durable laminate material, the Base Camp Duffel is a bomber of a bag. Amply resilien...t to be roughed around in-flight, or to be transported up a mountain via a yak, this is one burly duffel bag. 72-liter volume provides ideal storage for weekend, or extended weekend trips lasting three to four days. Four compression straps Main compartment with internal mesh pockets ID pocket on top Locking zippers Alpine-cut shoulder straps D-zip opening with zipper flap Twin haul handles on ends Rugged construction with extra bartacks and double stitching Avg Weight: 3 lbs 8 oz (1600 g) Dimensions: 24? x 15? x 15? (61 cm x 38 cm x 38 cm) Fabric: Phthalate-free TPE fabric laminate, 840D Jr. ballistics nylon Volume: 4395 in³ (72 liters) Imported Item: 5010-ASTD Read More

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The Serfas TL-ONE 1/2 Watt Beacon Tail-light: This super-bright tail-light has a 1/2 watt Center LED with 2 additional LEDs. Visib...le up to 1 Mile Fits Serfas Universal Taillight Bracket 3 Modes: Steady, Flashing, Alternating Flash Burn Time: Up to 80 Hours (flash) Item: 5126-TL-ONE Read More

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