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The Finis Foil Monofin Gold promotes an equal use of down and up kicks for propulsion throughout the entire dolphin kick movement by teaching the Foil technique and increasing the swimmer's core and leg strength. Learn to dolphin kick with ...the Foil Body Motion developed and made popular by Coach Bob Gillett. Using the Foil Body Motion a swimmer can use his or her entire body to create a powerful and undulating dolphin kick through the water. The Foil Monofin promotes an equal use of down and up kicks for propulsion throughout the entire dolphin kick movement by teaching the Foil technique and increasing the swimmer's core and leg strength. For best results while learning the Foil Body Motion, try kicking on your side while using the Foil Monofin. Single Blade Design: Promotes the development of the undulating Foil Body Motion and propulsive dolphin kick Technique Channels: Controls the flex of the fin and encourages correct foil movement Zoomers Technology: Developed using Zoomers design principles and materials Large Surface Area: Works core and leg muscles more than standard fins Open Toe and Heel Design: Fits a wide range of foot sizes, allows for a secure fit Portable, Lightweight Construction: Comfortable to wear for all ages and abilities Rubber Blade: Allows multiple swimmers to safely swim in a single lane*For added comfort or minor size adjustments use with FINIS Skin Socks or FINIS Footbooties Item: 5910-135012 Read More

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Finis NT210 Let your girl become a little mermaid this summer with this unique mono Pink Mermaid Swim Fin. Great for girls 10 and ...under. This pool toy swim fin has a Velcro strap that allows it to fit shoe sizes 1-7. Feature: -Mermaid swim fin. -Color: Pink. -Material: Durable vinyl. -Recreational mono fin. -Easy adjustable velcro strap. -Comfortably fits youth shoe sizes 1 - 7. -Recommended for kids 10 and under. -Warranty: 90 days. Dimensions: -3.25 H x 17 W x 16 D, 1.5 lbs. Read More

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The design of the FINIS agility paddles teaches swimmers how to correctly position your hands with each stroke. Hand paddles with... an ergonomically advanced design. - Strapless paddles are more comfortable. - If the technique is wrong, the paddle will fall off. - Convex design helps with early catch and keeps an early vertical forearm position. - Works for all 4 different stroke styles. - Fits most hand sizes even narrow. - Thumbhole: keeps the thumb and fingers in an ideal position. - Durable and easier since you don't have to worry about fixing broken straps. - No straps means better circulation. Imported. Read More

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The Bolster Paddle is designed to help swimmers put their wrist and elbow in the correct swimming position for all four competitiv...e strokes. The unique paddle locks the wrist and forces the swimmer to develop a forearm dominant stroke. By keeping the wrist from bending, the swimmer learns to hold the elbow up and in position to provide more propulsion through their stroke.Features and Benefits:Unique Wrist Extension keeps the wrist from bending so that the elbow and forearm are in the optimal swimming position. Applicable to all four competitive strokesAdjustable Velcro Straps lock the wrist in place and works for a variety of wrist sizesExtended Paddle Surface Area provides resistance in the water so that the swimmer builds correct upper-body strength while using the Bolster in their workouts Read More

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Debatably one of the most useful swimming instructional tools ever created, the Forearm Fulcrum is a technical swimming device tha...t forces the swimmer to focus on the development of proper technique as opposed to the strength building aspect of swim training. The Forearm Fulcrum improves the efficiency of a swimmer s stroke by aligning the hand, wrist, elbow, and shoulder, and then holding them in place to create and keep the most efficient stroke technique. The result is the ability to generate a more powerful stroke. Technique is crucial to fast swimming. One of the most common problems for many swimmers is a falling elbow throughout one s stroke. A dropped elbow causes pressure to be exerted on the water in a more vertical than horizontal motion, ultimately inhibiting the athletes from capturing the same amount of water. Swimmers with this technical problem tend to hold their elbow below the level of their hand. As a result, force is exerted down on the water rather than towards the feet. Increasing elbow angle is a successful way of fixing a dropped elbow during the catch phase of the pull. Swimmers who correct this fault have a much more efficient stroke, enhancing their endurance and stroke consistency, while also reducing the probability of injury. Read More

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The Hydro Hip provides resistance training to build power for hip rotation. It is an advanced training product consisting of a bel...t and two small fins that protrude from each hip, intended to be worn around the swimmer's waist for freestyle swimming (or near the chest for swimming breaststroke). A minimum guideline for who whould be using the Hydro Hip, includes Junior National level swimmers, triathletes and age group members; 14 and above. The magic of the Hydro Hip actually happens when you take it off, even after swimming as little as a hundred yards. It is specifically intended for short-distance training and quickly teaches you to drive your swim from the hips, as opposed to pulling with your arms. Ultimately, this will create a power snap at the hips. It is estimated that you get close to a 100% return on energy expenditure from your hips, versus only about 20% from your arms. The Hydro Hip is designed specifically to take advantage of this ratio and help you achieve a more technical and powerful stroke. Read More

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The ROM (Rang Of Motion) Strap is designed to help stretch the arms, shoulders, shoulder blades, upper torso and rib cage. The ROM... Strap passively retains each hand. This passive retention allows the transmission of pulling or traction forces up the arm without the need to contract the muscles of the hand, forearm and upper arm as would be necessary if the hands were not passevely retained. This allows more effective stretching of the upper body. Read More

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Finis Features: -Energy goggles. -Clear/Smoke color. -Curved carbon polymer lenses reduces distortion and provides op...timal viewing. -Durable frame designed for swimmers 14 years and older. -Dual silicone strap distributes pressure evenly around head. -Great for all face shapes. Read More

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The Head Tennis FXP Power String: This great new power string provides ultimate elasticity for unprecedented power. When the ball ...hits the strings, the strings absorb the ball?s energy. A powerful string has the ability to absorb energy on ball impact and return maximum energy to the ball. FiberGEL Tri-Clusters in the wrap gives more comfort and excellent control Colors: natural Length: 12 m/200 m Gauge: 1.24 mm, 1.30 mm Item: 23-281007 Read More

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A very thin overwrap offering players the ultimate feel with extremely good absorption and super tack. * Features specially engine...ered elastomer material and extra large perforations. * Item: 23-285104 Read More

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The Dunlop Championship balls are high quality and durable to meet the most exacting demands of both the recreational and serious ...player. LIMIT 12 CANS PER ORDER. 3 hard court balls per package. Now with Dunlops breakthrough Durafeltandreg; cloth technology, players can have a longer lasting ball without sacrificing playability. They have specifically been designed and engineered for U.S. players and courts. The Dunlop Championship balls are high quality and durable to meet the most exacting demands of both the recreational and serious player. Item: 212-T947331 Read More

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The Gamma Sports Pro Squash 1.20 String is a multi-filament construction featuring the patented Live Wire String technology. Live ...Wire fibers provide maximum power and feel for outstanding control for all levels of squash players. Gauge: 17/1.20 mm Length: 33 ft/10 m Item: 511-GLWPS Read More

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DaKine uses only the finest peel and stick adhesives to ensure easy installation and secure attachement. Please read and follow th...e instructions for best results * Translucent molded spike pattern for maximum traction * Sections can be cut apart and reconfigured * Pack of six * Size: 4.7 x 4.7 Inches * Weight: 2.2 oz * Item: 609-2100100 Read More

Aqua Sphere
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The Aqua Sphere adult Vista Swim Mask: Durable Polycarbonate lenses with anti-fog and scratch resistant coating. * Wraparound, 180...-degree visibility * Quick-Fit one-touch adjustments * Comfortable, leak resistant Silicone skirt * 100% UVA and UVB protection * Item: 5179-VISTA-CLEAR Read More

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The Savage strings are for powerful players who take big cuts and want to hit a heavy ball. The unique six-sided shape provides "s...avage" amounts of spin and kick for all shots. Show you opponents no mercy! Liquid crystaline polymer technology provides great bite on the ball without the sharp edges. M2 fibers added to the string soften the feel while maintaining crisp performance and control. * Liquid crystaline polymer technology * Item:73-WRZ994400 Read More

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Developed to ensure that the players enjoy their initial introduction to the game and are able to quickly and easily develop corre...ct technique and therefore improve their skill level. * Item: 212-T913440 * The Max ball is 12% larger than the standard size with a 40% longer hand-time compared to the Revelation Pro XX. * Developed to ensure that the players enjoy their initial introduction to the game and are able to quickly and easily develop correct technique and therefore improve their skill level. Read More

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When your game is heating up, this adidas Interval Reversible Wristband wipes the sweat from your brow with ClimaLite fabric, an a...nti-microbial finish and a reversible design. Material: Cotton / polyester / rubber ClimaLite fabric sweeps sweat away from your skin Reversible for Home and Away looks Anti-microbial finish kills odor-causing bacteria Improved cotton terry fabric for absorbency and comfort Embroidered 3-Bars on both sides; Width: 3" Imported Item: 3-5134693 Read More

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The Camelbak Antidote Reservoir 50 oz: Upgrade or replace your 50 oz (1.5L) reservoir with the Antidote Reservoir - the ultimate c...ure for dehydration. * The new Antidote Reservoir with Quick Link System - the ultimate cure for dehydration * Antidote features: Quick-snap cap that tightens in just a quarter turn * Low-profile fit for unmatched stability * Air-light fillport cuts weight * CamelBak Got Your Bak Guarantee: If they built it, they'll Bak it with their lifetime guarantee * Capacity: 50 oz (1.5 L) * Item: 5506-90761 Read More

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