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Abbott Nutrition Milk-Based Infant Formula

Abbott Nutrition
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Complete nutrition for your baby s first year. Closer than ever to breast milk. With Early Shield: Immune support, brain and eye, ...and strong bones. Milk-based powder 3 With lutein and DHA Birth to 12 months Read More

Abbott Nutrition
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This Similac Sensitive Infant Formula is a wonderful choice for parents who have sensitive babies. This special formula will compl...etely satisfy your baby's nutritional needs. It works to reduce fussiness and discomfort for your little one. This milk-based infant powder formula will help to soothe your baby's sensitive tummy, relieving the discomfort that can at times accompany an accumulation of gas. It also helps to protect your child's immune system and promotes brain and eye function and the development of strong bones. To use this infant formula with iron, which comes in a 1.86-lb canister (pack of 6), simply add water. It is easy and takes only seconds. It is recommended that you use this formula during your child's first year. Similac Sensitive Infant Formula is a kosher product. Read More

Abbott Nutrition
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Concentrated Liquid - Add Water For common feeding problems such as fussiness, gas and spit-up. Milk-Based For Babies 0 to 12 Mont...hs. DHA and ARA are special nutrients found in breast milk that are important for mental and visual development. You can turn to Isomil Advance with confidence... Supports good growth. Provides calcium for your baby s growing bones. Isomil - trusted nutrition for more than 35 years. DIV Nutrients per 100 Calories Protein ... 2.45 g TD Water ... 133 g TD TR Fat ... 5.46 g TD Linoleic Acid ... 1000 mg TD TR Carbohydrate ... 10.3 g TD FONT TD TR TBODY TABLE Vitamins: Vitamin A ... 300 IU TD Niacin ... 1350 mcg TD TR Vitamin D ... 60 IU TD Folic Acid ... 15 mcg TD TR Vitamin E ... 1.5 IU TD Pantothenic Acid ... 750 mcg TD TR Vitamin K ...11 mcg TD Biotin ... 4.5 mcg TD TR Thiamin ... 60 Read More

Abbott Nutrition
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Similac Advance Stage 1 Powder Formula is a nutritionally complete infant formula featuring OptiGRO, an exclusive blend of brain- ...and eye-nourishing nutrients for baby's development. Similac Advance is designed to support your baby's developing immune system, brain, and eyes, and to help build strong bones. It's milk-based and iron-fortified. Read More

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