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Gaia Herbs Vitamins

Gaia Herbs
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Echinacea/Supreme For Children A/F 4oz by GAIA Herbs High Quality Nutraceuticals

Gaia Herbs
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Alcohol-Free FormulaGreat Tasting!Supports Concentration & FocusFormerly Melissa Supreme

Gaia Herbs
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Gaia Kids Cough Syrup for wet coughs supports a healthy cough response, it supports normal production and movement of mucosal secr...etions with a warming and drying action. Gaia Kids Cough Syrup for wet coughs acts to break up thick, tenacious, gummy phlegm, supports a healthy immune response in the lungs and calms bronchial and respiratory muscles tension. Read More

Gaia Herbs
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Gaia Herbs Sniffle Support Herbal Drops provides gentle supportive action to the Eye, Ear, Nose, Throat, Gaia Herbs Sniffle Suppor...t Herbal Drops supports healthy levels of inflammation to normalize mucus production. Gaia Herbs Sniffle Support Herbal Drops supports the mucus membranes of upper respiratory tract. Gaia Herbs Sniffle Support Herbal Drops have a restorative action on the immune system in the upper respiratory system. Read More

Gaia Herbs
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Black Elderberries have been recognized for centuries throughout Europe for their immune supportive properties. Gaia Herbs GaiaKid...s Black Elderberry Syrup is a great tasting all-natural syrup, made from Certified Organic Black Elderberries and added Acacia honey, can be taken by children daily or on occasion to support their immune systems. Honey offers tasty and soothing support for the upper respiratory system. Gaia Herbs GaiaKids Black Elderberry Syrup's formula contains no artificial flavors or colors, no preservatives, and no high fructose corn syrup. Numerous species of elder or elderberry grow in Europe and North America. Only those with blue/black berries are medicinal. The flowers and berries are both used. Species with red berries are not medicinal. Elderberries have long been used as food, particularly in the dried form. Elderberry wine, pie, and lemonade are some of the popular ways to prepare this plant as food. The leaves were touted by European herbalists to be pain relieving and to promote healing of injuries when applied as a poultice.1 Native American herbalists used the plant for infections, coughs, and skin conditions. Read More

Gaia Herbs
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Gaia Herbs Kids Defense Herbal Drops 1 Ounces Liquid

Gaia Herbs
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Gaia Herbs Echinacea Supreme for Kids 1 Ounces Liquid

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