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Thinkbaby Kids Bowls

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Thinkbaby Baby Bowl Thinkbaby Baby Bowl is made with the developing child in mind. The bowl is durable and features a coating of p...olypropylene, which insulates the contents and facilitates easy cleaning. The interior is made of medical grade stainless steel. The lid seals the bowl from air and can be carried around easily. The bowls have a low-rise wall. Why You'll Love It: This bowl adjusts to your growing baby's needs. Features Airtight lids Easy-to-grasp design Exterior made of polypropylene, easy to remove for cleaning Interior made of high quality stainless steel Low-rise wall Highly durable BPA-, nitrosamines-, phthalates- and melamine-free Read More

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thinkbaby's Feeding set furthers our mission by providing safe, sustainable, functional and elegant products for little ones. In t...he development of our BPA Free Feeding system, thinkbaby continues the mission by providing a feeding set free of BPA, phthalates, nitrosamines, lead, and PVC. Our Feeding set is also free of Melamine. Early laboratory research has shown melamine based tableware to leach melamine at various temperatures and when combined with other chemicals (such as formaldehyde and cyan uric) have the potential to pose a risk. As we expect the debate to begin on the safety of this chemical, the research we reviewed caused us ask a simple question. Does the product have to have melamine. Nope. So we built our set to be completely free of it. The Feeding Set was designed for a wide range of feeding ages. The set becomes useful from the moment that your doctor green lights solid food feeding to school days and beyond. Parents find the set is perfect for feeding and food storage. For traveling in the baby bag or in lunch boxes the Bento box is the ideal, no leak solution. We also included the Kids cup for when your child grows out of the Sippy cup range. And there is no reason for the set to be only useful for your toddlers. We receive emails and calls from parents all the time that are using the set for food storage and transport. Read More

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