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Barnes & Noble Breast Creams & Care

Barnes & Noble
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Karen Kerkhoff Gromada, MSN, RN, IBCLC, has transformed this La Leche League International bestseller into a comprehensive collect...ion of wisdom for today s new mothers. She offers invaluable information for parents of multiples with an emphasis on breastfeeding and attachment-style parenting and answers such questions as: What are the risks of a multiple pregnancy? What can a mother do to avoid complications and carry her babies to as close to full-term as possible? How can a mother prepare herself and her family for a multiple birth? Is it possible to breastfeed multiples? What does a mother need to know in order to breastfeed more than one baby? What if the babies are born prematurely? Can they still receive their mother s milk? How can a mother continue meeting her babies needs if one or more experiences an illness or needs to be hospitalized? Are there ways to cope with breastfeeding challenges in one baby while continuing to nurse another baby? What can a mother do to comfort two or more fussy babies? How can parents of multiples get enough sleep? What kinds of clothing and equipment are needed for multiples? How can a mother adjust to the physical and emotional demands of caring for multiple babies? What about the adjustments needed by the babies father and any older siblings? Are there ways to manage the household that will help a mother of multiples find some time for herself? What are the challenges of caring for toddler multiples? Read More

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