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NUK Wide Baby Bottles

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Brand Trusted By Moms For Over 25 Years In North America The NUK OrthodonticNipple Promotes Healthy Oral Development Reduces Colic... Orthodontic Shape:Designed to fit baby s oral cavity, same orthodontic shape as NUK pacifiers. 4 Flat Area: Strengthens baby s tongue allowing their jaws to stretch enough for teeth to grow in properly. 1 Hole Against Palate: Allows milk to mix with baby s saliva facilitating better digestion. 2 Hourglass Shape: Allows the lips to close properly, making it easier to breathe through the nose and avoid intake of air through the mouth. 7 Asymmetrical Widening: Encourages movement for correct jaw positioning. 8 Extra-Wide Base: Mimics the shape of mother s breast during feeding, supports switching between breast and bottle; studies show it stimulates breastfeeding experience. 5 Special Design Reduces Colic: NUK Air System vents the bottle, Read More

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