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Dr. Brown's Preemie Bottles

Premature babies who are bottle-fed require special nipples because their mouths aren't large enough to use the traditional options. Preemie nipples are made specifically to fit correctly into the mouths of the tiniest babies, allowing them to suck comfortably and effectively.
Dr. Brown's
$3.99 at Babies R Us

Created by a physician, Dr. Brown's Natural Flow baby bottles feature a patented internal vent system that helps reduce colic, spi...t-up, burping and gas. The positive pressure design allows babies to feed comfortably, because the vent system eliminates the air bubbles and vacuum. All parts are dishwaher safe. Two replacement silicone nipples, exclusively for Dr. Brown's Natural Flow Standard baby bottles. Premie Nipples are ideal for feeding premature infants Read More

Dr. Brown's
$4.29 at

This soft silicone nipple is designed to maximize the benefits of Dr. Browns baby bottles. The bottles special vent system helps p...revent colic and excess gas and keeps fluid from gathering in your babys ears. Read More

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