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Mommy's Helper Baby Bottle Brushes

Mommy's Helper
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Colors vary between yellow, red and blue. Please let us choose for you.Mommy's Helper Floating Bottle BrushEasy to find. Both brus...hes float! All the brushes you'll need to do the job. A large Bottle Brush with the Scrub-Tuff Sponge, and the Nipple Brush with a large enough handle to grip.Features: Both brush handles will be visible in the sudsy sink, as they float to the top. The tough sponge scrub tip will reach those hard to clean spots. The two brushes (bottle and nipple) attaches to each other for easy storage 9 1/2 inch Bottle Brush and 4 inch Nipple Brush Read More

Mommy's Helper
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Floating bottle brushes. One product with all the brushes needed to do the job. Large bottle brush with the scrub-tuff sponge and ...the nipple brush with a large, easy-to-grip handle. Easy to find. Read More

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