ErgoPouch Ergo Pouch Organic Cotton Quilt Sleepsack, White, 2-12 Months

Organic cotton quilt sleep bag developed with safety stretch inserts in top and side panels to allow babies to move freely, sleep in comfort and reduce entanglement. Double ended zipper for easy nappy access. Sleeping with natural fibers cr...eates an optimum temperature balance and promotes a healthy sleeping environment. Cool Weight 3.5 tog.The British 'T0G' value is the international standard measurement of all blankets' thermal effectiveness (how well it keeps you warm). The higher the number then the better a blanket keeps you warm. The TOG rating describes the warmth or 'Thermal Resistance' of a fabric, and is widely used in the UK to describe warmth levels of duvets and sleeping bags. If the room is warm enough for you to be comfortable wearing light clothing (16 - 20c) then it is the right temperature for your baby. Read More

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