ErgoPouch Ergo Pouch Organic Cotton Mix Sleepsack, Natural

100% natural and organic cotton mix sleeping bag with optimal temperature balance. Ergonomic design allows your baby to move while sleeping in comfort.

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<div class="aplus"> <h5><div id="header0">HALO SleepSack Swaddle</div></h5> <div id="text0" class="a-spacing-small"><p>Keep your b...aby safe and warm with the HALO SleepSack Swaddle. Used in hospital nurseries throughout North America, this wearable blanket with swaddle wrap fits comfortably over your child's sleepwear, replacing loose blankets in the crib that can cover your baby's face and interfere with breathing. In addition to helping your baby sleep safer, it helps him sleep better, too. Its adjustable swaddle wrap immobilizes your baby's arms to prevent the "Moro," or startle reflex. And, it is the only 2-in-1 adjustable swaddle that allows for swaddling arms in or arms out for baby?s comfort, which will ensure an easy and gentle transition to the SleepSack wearable blanket when it is time to stop swaddling. Its inverted zipper unzips from the bottom of the SleepSack, making diaper changes easy. Use over regular sleepwear to take the place of loose blankets. Discontinue swaddling when the baby shows signs of rolling over or breaking out of the swaddle wrap.</p></div> <div class="two-third-col"> <div class="leftImage" style="width: 300px;"> <div id="image0"><img src="" alt="" ><div class="imageCaption">The HALO SleepSack Swaddle is the safe and easy way to swaddle your baby.<br>View larger</div></div> </div> <div class="leftImage" style="width: 300px;"> <div id="image1"><img src="" alt=""><div class="imageCaption">The Halo SleepSack wearable blanket is available in various styles from newborn to 5T to help your little one sleep safely and soundly.<br>View larger</div></div> </div> <h5><div id="header1">Safe Swaddling, Made Easy</div></h5> <div id="text1" class="a-spacing-small"><p>After being tightly cuddled inside mom for nine months, it's no wonder that some babies enjoy being swaddled after birth. It makes them feel snug, warm, and secure. Swaddling can help calm many fussy or crying babies and even help them sleep longer in the first few months of life. HALO makes swaddling safe and easy. Unlike a traditional swaddling blanket, which can easily become unwrapped, the HALO SleepSack Swaddle uses strong, adjustable fasteners to get the perfect, secure swaddle in just a few steps. Simply place your baby in the sack, close the zipper, and secure the wrap snugly around baby?s torso with the fastener strips.</p></div> <h5><div id="header2">Recommended By Hospitals And Safety Organizations</div></h5> <div id="text2" class="a-spacing-small"><p>The HALO SleepSack Swaddle is used by more than 1,250 hospital nurseries in North America to teach parents safe sleep practices. The sack design allows room for your baby's legs to move freely to ensure proper hip development, and has been approved as "Hip Healthy" by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute. It is the only wearable blanket to carry the gold seals from First Candle/SIDS Alliance and the Canadian Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths.</p></div> <h5><div id="header3">HALO?s Mission: Help Babies Sleep Safely</div></h5> <div id="text3" class="a-spacing-small"><p>HALO?s founder Bill Schmid and his wife lost their first born to SIDS. From this tragedy, HALO and its mission were born. For over 15 years we've been educating parents about safe sleep practices and have supported non-profit organizations such as First Candle/SIDS Alliance and The Canadian Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths. Since 2005, the American Academy of Pediatrics has suggested the use of wearable blankets. Today, HALO SleepSack wearable blankets are a trusted choice of hospitals, and are used throughout North America to help babies sleep safely from the start.</p></div> <h5><div id="header4"></div></h5> <div id="text4" class="a-spacing-small"></div> </div> <div class="third-col last"> <div class="leftImage" style="width: 300px;"> <div id="image2"><img src="" alt=""><div class="imageCaption">This adjustable swaddle lets you wrap your baby with their arms in or out for optimal comfort and easy transitioning when it's time to stop swaddling.<br>View larger</div></div> </div> <div class="break"> </div> <h5><div id="header5"></div></h5> <div id="text5" class="a-spacing-small"></div> <br> <h4><div id="header6">HALO SleepSack Swaddle At A Glance:</div></h4> <div id="list0"><ul><li>2-in-1 adjustable swaddle that allows for swaddling arms in or arms out</li><li>Use over regular sleepwear to take the place of loose blankets</li><li>Recognized as ?Hip Healthy? by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute</li><li>Inverted zipper for easy diaper changes</li><li>Used by more than 1,250 hospitals to promote safe sleep practices</li><li>Size newborn fits 6-12 lbs, while size small fits 13-18 lbs</li></ul></div> </div> </div> Read More

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100% natural organic cotton quilt sleeping bag with optimal temperature balance. Ergonomic design allows your baby to move while s...leeping in comfort. Read More

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Halo SleepSack Base Layer - White Cupcake The perfect partner to any HALO SleepSack wearable blanket, the HALO Base Layer gown fro...m ComfortLuxe performance fabric provides easy diaper access while keeping baby's sensitive skin comfortable and healthy. Awarded the Seal of Acceptance by the National Eczema Association, ComfortLuxe fabric helps to promote healthy skin and manage skin irritations by regulating body temperature and wicking moisture away from baby's skin where it evaporates quickly (twice as fast as cotton). Wearing this breathable base layer under a SleepSack wearable blanket will keep your baby warmer when it's cool and cooler when it's warm, for healthier skin, and safer, more comfortable sleep. 100% polyester ComfortLuxe. Size newborn fits 6-12 lbs. Read More

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100% natural and organic cotton mix sleeping bag with optimal temperature balance. Ergonomic design allows your baby to move while... sleeping in comfort. Read More

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