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Enfamil Newborn Enfamil Newborn is nutritionally tailored to help support early milestones like focusing. Enfamil Newborn is part ...of Enfamil Staged Nutrition - inspired by the changing nutrition of breast milk. Learn more about Enfamil Infant and Enfagrow Toddler too. Recommended Age: Newborn to 3 months Features: Contains choline and DHA, important brain-nourishing nutrients. Enfamil's nutrition helps support early milestones like focusing and smiling. An easy-to-digest protein blend patterned after early breast milk*. A tailored level of vitamin D to insure your baby gets the amount recommended by experts. Natural Defense Dual Prebiotics Blend - designed to help support a baby's own natural defenses. Learn More: Use the Product Selector at our Enfamil Shop to find the right product to meet your baby's nutritional needs. Click here. * Based on whey:casein ratio 3-5 days after lactation begins Read More

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