Enfamil Enfamil Gentlease 17.4g Single-Serve Powder Packets 14 ea

Ease Fussiness and Gas - While Encouraging Milestones It's not uncommon for babies to experience fussiness and gas as their digestive systems develop. Sometimes a change in formula can make all the difference. Enfamil Gentlease is an easy-t...o-digest formula designed to ease fussiness and gas within 24 hours - while still providing the complete nutrition your baby need for healthy development. This helps her feel better and ensures that she receives the complete nutrition that helps her reach key milestones. Is designed to ease fussiness and gas within 24 hours Includes easily digested proteins that are partially broken down Has ~20% lactose of a full lactose milk-based formula, but still provides lactose as a carbohydrate source Has Triple Health Guard? just like Enfamil PremiumŪ Newborn and Enfamil PremiumŪ Infant 14 - 0.61 oz (17.4g) Packets ~ Total Net Wt. 8.54 oz (243.6g) 1-800-BABY123 Read More

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