Endless Games Kismet, Dice Poker Game of Modern Yacht

405 Features: -Kismet.-For 1 or more players.-Classic from 1964.-High energy.-Fast paced dice game that pits chance against strategy.-Make for dozens of scoring combinations.-Ages: 7 and up. Color/Finish: -Five tri-colored dice increase the odds.

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This Tumbling Dice Cube Roller looks just like a giant 3-D Las Vegas dice. The heavy duty vinyl float features transparent red sid...es with dots, an entrance hole, and can be tipped and rolled in the pool! The Tumbling Dice is great for parties and will provide hours of entertainment for kids and adults! Measures 49in. X 49in. X 49in. Read More

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The same game that you know and love in a new packaging format!<br /><br />Includes the components in the Quarriors base set with ...the addition of the updated rulebook first introduced in the Quarmageddon expansion.<br /><br />Contents: <br /><br /><LI>130 Custom Dice <br /><LI>53 Cards Advanced <br /><LI>Expert Rules <br /><LI>Box contains storage trays which holds all the dice for easy access Read More

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More than just a game, the Harley-Davidson Shut the Box is sure to be a conversation piece at your next party. This classic wood b...ox is graced with the Harley-Davidson winged emblem and holds a game of dice and numbers that can be enjoyed by players of all ages. Read More

Learning Resources
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LER7698 Double-decahedra dice cover twice the probability concepts!- Features 10-sided shape on both interior and exterior die for... teaching statistics, predictions and outcomes, plus more advanced probability concepts- Supports hands-on number and operations activities- Includes plastic dice in 5 colors (outer dice measure 1" each), plus storage container- Grades 1+ Read More

Front Porch Classics
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This collection brings 25 of the world's greatest dice games to your fingertips with letter dice, poker dice, bowling dice, and mo...re. Instructions and Scorepads Included. Includes 5 Types of Dice Classic and New Games Read More

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<div class="aplus"> <div class="leftImage" style="width: 250px;"><img src="http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41USf7RBdQL.jpg" ...alt="" width="210" height="210"><div class="imageCaption">View larger</div></div> <h5>DICE!</h5> <p>Looking for an inexpensive way to increase your dice collection? The Pound-O-Dice is the perfect solution. Each pound has approximately 100 dice in assorted shapes with quantites weighted in favor of d6's, d10's, and d20's. Also included is a full set (7k) of polyhedral dice in one of 5 colors, randomly selected, that are only available in this product.</p> <h5>POUND-O-DICE!</h5> <p>"There are approximately 100 factory-second dice in this bag.(Number of dice will vary with the mix- four-siders are lighter than other shapes, for example.) These dice are mixed in a variety of styles & colors. Every bag does not necessarily have every style & color. Sizes may include 6, 8, 10, 12, 20 & 30-sided dice (and, possibly, other sizes) in colors that include (but are not limited to) speckled, marble, rainbow, opaque and translucent. This assortment features one complete 7-die polyhedral set of never-released speckled dice, available ONLY in the Pound O' Dice assortment."</p> <div class="break"> </div> <h5>Features/Specifications</h5> <ul><li>Can be used for replacement dice</li><li>Customize your games with your very own personal set of dice</li><li>Dice come in all sorts of types, styles and colors</li></ul> </div> Read More

Mainstreet Classics
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The Classic Dice Set includes a leatherette cup with metal clasp to store dice . Has a black felt-lined interior and comes with ...5 dice Read More

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MFG3109 Catan Dice Game Deluxe by Mayfair Games<br /> <br />Discover, explore, and settle Catan anywhere and anytime!...even solo!...<br /> <br />The Catan Dice Game is a fast, fun way to experience Catan on-the-go. Play it in only 15-30 minutes! It\'s a great casual introduction to the world of Catan. With 6 colorful, high quality, embossed plastic dice, a generous pad of full color double-sided score sheets featuring two maps for alternate play, and an exquisite lidded leather dice cup. the dice cup will hold dice, rules and score pad. Roll your way to victory. So get ready to toss! Challenge the odds and discover a fresh way to master Catan!<br /> <br />Contains<br />- 6 high quality, embossed plastic dice, each with 6 colored images<br />- embossed black, leatherette dice cup with lid<br />- pad of 2-sided, full-color Catan maps with score tracks, so you can play 2 different scenarios (you will still need a pen or pencil)<br />- game rules.<br />- all you need for a very cool, quick Catan adventure!<br /> <br />Players 1-6<br />Ages 7+<br />Playing Time 15-30 minutes Read More

Winning Moves Games
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A super-sized 6x6 grid including the NEW double letter cube and NEW blank cube! Thirty-six letter cubes and a 4-minutes timer prov...ide a fresh challenge with every game! Read More

Steve Jackson Games
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Eat brains. Don't get shot gunned. You are a zombie. You want brains. More brains than any of your zombie buddies. Zombie Dice is ...a quick game for any zombie fan (or the whole zombie family). The 13 custom dice are your victims. Push your luck to eat their brains, but stop before the shotgun blasts end your turn! Play it at lunch (brains!) or while you're in line for a zombie movie . . . ! This deluxe version includes a score pad and the plastic Zombie Dice Brain Case. Read More

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