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Vivitar Cameras

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The Vivitar DVR 787HD 12.1MP Action Full HD Camcorder comes with every kit you need to capture your adventure. With Universal Car ...Kit, Surf Kit and Outdoors Kit you can mount the camera in several ways to get the best shot. This kit is perfect for a gift as you have everything you need in one box. Just add on a SD Card to record and save those adventerous memories! Read More

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The Vivitar 800mm f/8.0 Manual Focus Mirror Lens is a high-quality computer designed product that incorporates the merits of both ...reflex optics and refraction optics. This combination provides the user with an extremely sharp picture with minimum color aberration. Read More

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The Vivitar 800mm f/8 Mirror Lens is an excellent addition to your camera gear. It opens up powerful opportunities without comprom...ising quality. Using an advanced reflex design, our lens is a fraction of the size and weight of a traditional 800mm. It focuses as close as 11 Feet, with a fixed aperture of f/8. The Super Spectra Coatings assure virtually flare free photographs even under adverse lighting conditions. A simple T-mount adapter makes this lens work with both film and digital SLR cameras. Specifications: Filter Size: Rear-mounted screw-in 30.5mm <SPAN style=FONT-FAMILY: Arial; mso Read More

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Ever take a picture and couldn't fit the whole family in the picture? Wonder how professional photographers get an entire sports a...rena in a picture? Well not any more! Create beautiful images with this .45x Wide angle Lens for digital cameras and camcorders. The .45 lens will widen the image area view twice as much, giving you the opportunity to create great images without moving away from your subject. The wide angle lens widens the angle of view by multiplying the focal length of the camera lens by .45 times. This doubles the angle of view making it an excellent lens for group shots or architecture. Improve the image composition of scenic views, and interior shots, especially when movement is restricted. The lens is supplied with a macro attachment that will allow for unsurpassed close up photography. This Professional .45 wide angle lens features all glass optics that is coated to reduce reflections and flare. These elements are housed in an all-titanium barrel that will stand up to years of use. Features: All glass - multicoated optics .45 wide angle lens converter Professional grade wide angle lens providing breathtaking scenic and group shots, increasing the versatility of your existing lens Designed to maximize use of day and night with coated optics that provide maximum image transmission with minimum distortion. Macro attachment for close up photography Maintains all the camera functions The lens attaches easily and directly to any camera or camcorder with Read More

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Lens filters are translucent pieces of glass placed in front of a camera lens to alter or adjust the light entering the camera and... more importantly to protect the camera lens. Lens filters improve photographs by giving photographers control over light and allowing them to emphasize the features of a scene that they consider most important. This filter kit is a combination of the three essential filters no photographer should be without. UV Film and a digital CCD are more sensitive to UV light than our eyes are. This often shows up in images shot from high altitudes and long distances especially over water. This filter will remove the UV light and more importantly protect your lens from moisture, scratches, and damage. Polarizer provides color and contrast enhancement. Reflected light often shows up as a whitish glare that washes out color in an image. A polarizing filter will correct this problem creating deep blue skies. It also removes glare from non-metallic surfaces such as windows and water. FLD <SPAN style=FONT-FAMILY: 'Microsoft Sans Serif'; COLOR: #292929; FONT-SIZE: 10pt; mso-bidi-font-s Read More

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Fits Canon, Nikon, Sony, and other Digital SLR Cameras. Vivitar filters are manufactured from high quality solid optical glass. individual filter is heat-treated to avoid any rare movement or distortion. Read More

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