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Clean lines, hard edges, glossy materials, simple, utilitarian, and tidy. You can see it in the fashion, architecture, and especia...lly in the home electronics of the day. Hi-fi systems were things of beauty - at least as we measure beauty today; early 60's design has enjoyed a bit of a resurgence, lately. 21st century functionality is being merged with 60s design. The end result is totally cool... Read More

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Mojo is some powerful stuff. They say either you have it or you don't, but if you've had it in the past and are just running low n...ow, you can get it back. You know what our favorite way to get our mojo is? Wirelessly, because then we can share it with everyone in the room. See, this kind of mojo connects to our smartphone and plays our music for all to hear... Read More

Smoko Inc.
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Toast is a very versatile thing. You can eat it plain. You can pair it with eggs and bacon. It can be sandwiched with melty cheese..., smashed into a tasty panini, buttered, and jammed. Speaking of jam, did you know that toast can also help you jam to your favorite tunes? These Plush Toast Wireless Speakers are a new twist on a classic food. Plush Toast speakers function as a wireless Bluetooth speaker, tablet holder, and all around cute and cuddly buddy... Read More

Visco Entertainment, Inc
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We could wax on about how much fun/annoying it is playing networked games and the reasons why some of us have a Friends Only polic...y for online gaming. But that would take up room that we could use to say how friggin' awesome the Avenger is and why it's going to make you a gaming god/dess. The Avenger is an external adapter. It snaps on over your existing PlayStation 4 or Xbox One controller and will improve your situational awareness, accuracy, agility, and reaction time... Read More

Stillwater Designs & Audio Inc.
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When we listen to our music, we can't stand an uncomfortable pair of headphones. Nothing ruins mood like trying to use your ears t...o analyze, interpret, and bathe in sound patterns, while simultaneously having them crushed. That's why we love the Kicker Tabor Bluetooth Wireless Headphones. Not only is the sound amazing, but the comfort is second to none. Plus, just like some evil robots we know, the Kicker Tabor Bluetooth Wireless Headphones ain't got no strings to hold them down... Read More

VLC Distribution
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This style of watch has been around as long as many of us have. But that doesn't mean it's old or dated or useless. NAY! We say it's just as useful today as it was back in 1975. Where did we find the first ad for a calculator watch? Playboy, of all places. (Seriously, we were there for the advertisements!) The CALCRON was ahead of its time with its solar power, LED screen, and ability to do math right on your wrist... Read More

Kiddesigns, Inc.
$24.99 $17.99 at Think Geek

Superheroes love listening to music. And since they all have iconic insignia, they all got special earbuds with their own symbol o...n it (they were a gift from Stark Industries). And now you, too, can rock out while showing your love of everything super. These Marvel Headphones come in a variety of flavors: Captain America, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Iron Man. Each features plush earcups and an adjustable headband. Check below for the stats on each respective set... Read More

Thumbs Up
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Remember when having the loudest coolest ghetto blaster on the playground was the shizzle? Nowadays everyone sits quietly plugged ...into white earbuds with heads bopping. Make some noise by turning your smartphone into a miniature boombox with the Touch Mini Boombox Speaker. Simply slip your MP3 player or smartphone into the Touch Mini Boombox Speaker and crank the tunes. Be the hit of the playground again and impose your musical taste on everyone around you... Read More

ION Audio, LLC
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Everybody likes to belt out a good song or two while sudsing up in the shower. People say it is the acoustics, but who knows. A go...od song might get you ready for a day at work, for a night out, for a big date, or whatever else is facing you that day. With Sound Splash Bluetooth Waterproof Shower Speaker you will never have to sing acapella again... Read More

XMI Pte Ltd
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If you follow ThinkGeek, you know that we love us some X-Mini technology, so when we saw they had some new speakers at CES this, we knew we had to share them with you. The X-Mini WE is an even more compact solution for your tunes than the original X-Mini. Plus, now it's got Bluetooth and NFC functionality, so you can say goodbye to the wires. Which is good, because the way X-Mini is going, the next generation's wire is going to be larger than the speaker itself... Read More

Thumbs Up
$49.99 $29.99 at Think Geek

Back in the day, when you wanted to proclaim your love for someone, you made them a mix tape. If you didn't already have cassettes... of the songs you wanted, you had to record them off the radio and hope the annoying DJ didn't talk over the end of the song. And then, once your masterpiece was complete, you brought your boombox to your beloved's house, turned the volume up, pressed play, and held it aloft for as long as it took. Of course, we played outside back in the day... Read More

Stillwater Designs & Audio Inc.
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With all the advancements in wireless technology, maybe there will be a time in the future where coils of speaker wire won't exist.... Well, they'll still exist, because they'll go into our Toolbox of Forgotten Technologies next to our phone cables, our slide carousel, and the stack of paper with holes down the side to match the sprockets on our dot matrix. The Kicker KPw Wireless Speaker System understands that you may not be fully wireless yet. It includes a standard 3... Read More

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Mimobots are a cute mashup of designer toys and USB storage devices. We originally carried these nifty monster-style thumb drives ...a couple of years ago at ThinkGeek, but when we heard that Mimoco (the somewhat insane creators of Mimobots) had secured an official Star Wars license we really perked up. It turns out that Mimobots + Star Wars = Some pretty sweet collectable USB Thumb Drives. All are cute, limited edition and can store 8GB of data while protecting it with the Force... Read More

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Everything on the Death Star is regulated by the clock. Meal times are precise. Shifts have exact start and stop times. Even sleep... and potty breaks are rationed by the second. Darth Vader does this because it keeps everyone alert and a little bit anxious, which makes them very prompt when receiving commands. It's a frightening method of leadership, but it seems to work for the Dark Lord. Now he wants you to stay on schedule (not target) with these two Star Wars Imperial Chronometers... Read More

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Forget about Park Place and Boardwalk - the places to own are Canterlot and Crystal Empire. And though we hate paying Luxury Tax, ...we don't mind it so much if we're buying Presents for the Royal Wedding. Plus, you're not playing with a Top Hat or an Iron. In My Little Pony Monopoly, you're playing with ponies! Six plastic pony playing pieces are one of the bestest parts of My Little Pony Monopoly... Read More

$39.99 $31.99 at Think Geek

The planet we know as Hoth is the sixth planet of the Hoth system (a remote system where the Rebels tried to hide and plan). Reall...y makes us wonder what the other planets in the Hoth system are called. Maybe they're all called Hoth, and it was just confusion based on poor nomenclature that landed the Rebels on the really cold and snowy one. Anyway, that doesn't diminish this awesome reminder of how the mighty can fall... Read More

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What a complicated man is Booker DeWitt - especially when alternate realities are involved. He hops on the Sky-Line, he catches th...ings Elizabeth tosses to him, and he plays guitar for children. Booker has many sides, many dimensions, and all are represented in this BioShock Infinite 7" Booker Figure. The BioShock Infinite 7" Booker Figure is in the 7" scale, but actually measures in just slightly shorter than that... Read More

EE Distribution
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January 1st, 2014, Bif Bang Pow! posted the following announcement: Our license with BBC America to produce Doctor Who merchandise... has expired.... No additional announced or unannounced items will be produced. Which means, basically, that if you like this Eleventh Doctor figure from them, you want to act now. Although somebody else might get the license or Bif Bang Pow! might get it back, at this point we can't be sure. What we can be sure of is that this figure is likely to move quickly... Read More

Zoofy International LLC
$19.99 $14.99 at Think Geek

These Minecraft figures are listed as "fully-articulated," which is pretty amusing. The lack of articulation is sort of the point ...of Minecraft. So we assume "fully-articulated" is what? Like maybe 5 points. Not 23. No matter how articulated, these little guys allow you to bring Minecraft wherever you go, even if you go off the grid. No power? No problem. Got Steve's pickaxe right here, and we're ready to play. Creeper? Aaaiiieee. Run away and hide behind the can of Coke... Read More

EE Distribution
$19.99 $14.99 at Think Geek

We love that show. You know the one, with the little kids who play biker gang on their big wheels? Where they use imagination to f...ind their way into different movies and stuff? What's it called? Oh, yeah: Sons of Anarchy Babies. Ok, so that doesn't exist, but it's be awesome, right? But to celebrate the real Sons of Anarchy, we bring you these Sons of Anarchy Action Figures. Each of the Sons of Anarchy Action Figures comes with five points of articulation, some alternate hands, and a knife... Read More

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Figran D'an uses them. Tedn Dahai uses them. Max Rebo, Sy Snootles, and Droopy McCool use them. Heck, even DJ Zuckuss uses them. A...nd now you can enjoy them, too. No, we're not talking about Special Edition Deflector Shields - we're talking about Star Wars First Edition On-Ear Headphones! Star Wars First Edition On-Ear Headphones feature professionally-tuned, 40mm drivers which pump the tunes into your earballs with amazing clarity... Read More

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In the Star Wars universe, it must be pretty depressing to be a TIE Fighter pilot...

Mezco Toyz
$29.99 $14.99 at Think Geek

The pink teddy bear. So innocent and also so aptly representative of that plunge from innocence that Walter White takes. It's the ...perfect iconic prop from Breaking Bad. Fans will immediately know what it is. Non-fans will wonder what the heck you did to your poor teddy bear and make a mental note never to give you plush as a gift. This is such a reasonable price, too. Two screen-used pink teddy bears went for over $20k each - and think about it... Read More

$99.99 $74.99 at Think Geek

What's up with the vagueness on action figures' points of articulation? NECA says this one has "nearly 30." What is that? 27? 28? ...29? We've seen figures advertised with "more than 10" or "approximately 5 points of articulation" before. Which confuses us. Shouldn't the company which made the figure know these things? Presumably somebody had to spec all the joints and hinges and whatnot on the action figure... Read More

Battlefront Miniatures
$39.99 $23.99 at Think Geek

If we had our own Firefly class starship, oh the places we'd go and the things we'd do. The people we'd hire and the trouble we'd ...get into. Alas, our 1:1 working replica ship won't be completed for another few years. Good thing for us (for all of us Firefly aficionados), that a game now exists which at least can give us the feeling of actually being there. Because that's how immersive, how involved, how brain-smackingly awesome Firefly: The Board Game is... Read More

Goldie International Inc.
$17.99 $10.79 at Think Geek

We dig teachers like Alessio Bernardelli, who used physics to calculate that if Doodle's on an Earth-like planet (with the same g)..., he's jumping about 7 1/2 ft. That's pretty massive for a little alien. Possibly he learned some moves from one slightly-bitter Kevin Durant? This Collector Pack contains 6 Doodle Jump Mini Doodles, each measuring about 1 1/2 inches in height... Read More

Diamond Comics - #73174
$39.95 $23.97 at Think Geek

Batman and Robin get into all sorts of adventures. Once, Batman put on the wrong trousers and all heck broke loose. Another time, ...they fought the larceny-loving Penguin... and then a were-rabbit. And now, coming straight from the Batcave (where they have all the technological advances possible), they just want some space... on your toy shelf... Read More

$24.99 $14.99 at Think Geek

As io9 pointed out when these figures were announced earlier this year, now we only need Romeo Blue before we have every on-screen... jaeger in toy form. And NECA promises we get him in Series 5, coming in 2015. So very soon you may have a complete collection. But only if you get these two guys. Tacit Ronin you need, we know, because you haven't had a chance to get Mr. Retractable Fangblades himself... Read More

Zoofy International LLC
$24.99 $14.99 at Think Geek

These Minecraft figures are listed as "fully-articulated," which is pretty amusing. The lack of articulation is sort of the point ...of Minecraft. So we assume "fully-articulated" is what? Like maybe 5 points. Not 23. But these little guys allow you to bring Minecraft wherever you go, even if you go off the grid. No power? No problem. Got Steve's pickaxe right here, and we're ready to play. Creeper? Aaaiiieee. Run away and hide behind the can of Coke. He'll never find us there. Wait... Read More

$24.99 $17.99 at Think Geek

Some people haven't heard of Star Lord yet. Those people soon will! He reminds us of another time traveler in a red coat: Fry from... Futurama. Only, this Star Lord flies in space with a cadre of strange individuals. Wait, Fry does, too. Oh, our head is hurting now. Time to play with these Guardians of the Galaxy 6" Figures and relieve our brain pain. The Guardians of the Galaxy 6" Figures are in a 6" scale (meaning Rocket is a bit shorter than that)... Read More

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