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Panasonic Mobile Phones

$24.99 at Sears

Panasonic RP HSC200 - Sports - headphones with mic - over-the-ear mount - white Enjoy your music when exercising or on the move the outstanding sports model, HSC200. These canal type headphones are an adaption on the HS200, now offering an in-cord remote and mic. Allowing complete control with your MP3 player or iPhone/iPod without having to break your stride. The controls allow you play, pause, skip and rewind your music with a few clicks and no hassle. Equally if you wish to answer a phone call you can with one click using the in-cord microphone. They have been specially designed and developed to give the most in style, comfort and sound quality. For a secure hold while exercising, the HSC200 has a flexible elastomer hanger, which makes the headphones stay firmly and comfortably attached to your ear. Moreover the hanger works as an absorber to minimize the cord touch noise while running. Unlike ordinary headphones, the HSC200 driver units are mounted sideways of the headphone frame, allowing for a much larger speaker to fit into such a compact body. With this newly developed large speaker, the HSC200 ensures rich mid-high sound range and deep tight base sound. No longer compromise during sports; have great sound, secure hold and endless comfort with the HSC200. With remote and mic made for iPhone/iPod certified Water resistant control unit and headphones Compatible with the iPod family Read More

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